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Approved (5–0) on 4 October 2014

The purpose of this policy is to ensure that all travel, which is beyond conventional commuting distance, on behalf of Wikimedia Philippines ("WMPH") is appropriate and authorized. This policy applies only to travelers whose expenses are being paid by WMPH. All travel expenses are subject to the Expense Policy.

I. Overall statement of policy

A WMPH traveler is any person whose travel is paid in part or in whole by WMPH. The traveler shall:

  1. Become familiar with the provision of this travel policy before departure;
  2. Obtain prior approval for the trip as described below, unless such trips have already been approved by the Board or programmed in a Board approved activity; and
  3. Submit an expense report with necessary supporting documentation, including receipts and explanations as required.

II. Procedures and guidelines

Prior to departing on any travel on behalf of the WMPH, the traveler will seek approval in writing from the appropriate approving officer provided in the succeeding section.

  1. The request for approval should include: The destination for the trip, the duration, the purpose (including a list of activities or a specific agenda), as well as the approximate expected cost.
  2. Arrangements for travel should not be made until written approval is received.
  3. Upon return, an expense report must be completed and co-signed by the approving officer.
  4. Depending on the purpose of the trip, the approving officer may request a summary report from the traveler within thirty (30) days, after he/she has returned. This summary report should include accomplishments, findings and recommendations that can potentially be shared with others.

III. Approving officers

A WMPH traveler who will be traveling on WMPH business, within or outside of the country shall require written authorization from the President, unless;

  1. The traveler is the President who will be traveling on WMPH business that is out-of-country shall require written authorization from the Chairman of the Board;
  2. A project team member who will be traveling in the course of the project activity shall require written authorization from the Project lead;
  3. When any member of the Board of Trustees or officer travels on WMPH business, he/she will write a summary report, upon return, which will be sent to the Board of Trustees.


The approving officer shall:

  1. Determine whether travel and the expected travel expenses are necessary;
  2. Pre-authorize travel (in writing); and
  3. Ensure that any expenses reimbursed or paid for by WMPH comply with the Expense Policy and approve expenses in accordance with this policy.