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Resolution:Return of Membership Fees Paid for on behalf of Members

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Menu Return of Membership Fees Paid for on behalf of Members
Approved 6–0 (1 abstention) on June 6, 2013

WHEREAS, On April 19, 2013 an amount totaling to ₱2,500 was remitted to the account of Wikimedia Philippines as reflected by five deposit slips with transaction numbers 443, 444, 445, 446 and 447, amounting to ₱500 each for membership ship fee payments of five members;

WHEREAS, Mr. Roman Bustria Jr., later came forward to inform the Board that he had neglected to notify the members ahead of his intention to pay for their membership fees;

WHEREAS, Amidst the background of an upcoming election where Mr. Bustria is a candidate, arranging such membership payments without the prior knowledge or consent of a member may not reflect outright the intent of Mr. Bustria to actively involve the members of Wikimedia Philippines;

NOW THEREFORE, it is hereby RESOLVED, That the membership payments made under the said deposit slips totaling to ₱2,500 will not be recognized as membership payment for any member except for Mr. Bustria himself, or unless he determines it as donation or chooses to withdraw the amount from the treasury;

RESOLVED FURTHER, That the Board does not find any other intent in Mr. Bustria's actions other than to actively involve the members of the organization;

RESOLVED FURTHERMORE, That it shall be emphasized that the payment of membership fee is voluntary and will be required only if a member chooses to exercise rights entitled to regular members as provided in the By-laws.