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Resolution:Project Visionaries Partnership

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Approved Aug 26, 2012

WHEREAS, Project Visionaries Philippines, a non-profit organization which promotes photography as an important and vital component for development and progress has signified its intent to enter into a possible partnership and collaboration with Wikimedia Philippines in promoting the objectives of both organizations;

WHEREAS, Project Visionaries Philippines would like to take an active, responsive, innovative and significant part in, and significantly contribute to Wikimedia’s objective to be able to provide for free, open-content reference tools, through the use of computers and the internet, by directly providing for various photos of interest from our database, encouraging, and helping inspire others to take pictures (and videos) which could be publicly shared through the Creative Commons Attribution – Share Alike 3.0 Unported License, as well as play a dynamic role in promptly documenting important Wikimedia events, through photo and video coverage by their technically competent pool of professional photographers;

WHEREAS, Project Visionaries Philippines would also like to promote the art and science of photography, as a means of communication, image appreciation, arts / information / scientific media, and cultural exchange, to all interested, regardless of gender, race, color, ethnicity or age, and, at the same time, help promote the ‘rights’ of all camera users, of whatever kind, type, or class, to be able to freely take photographs of almost anything within view, most especially when on publicly-owned spaces and locations;

RESOLVED, Wikimedia Philippines would formalize its partnership and collaboration with Project Visionaries Philippines through a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) formulated by and mutually acceptable to both parties which shall define its engagement with each other;

RESOLVED FURTHER, Emmanuel Ramirez, Jr. shall be authorized to represent Wikimedia Philippines in the formulation of the MOA;

RESOLVED FURTHERMORE, that the amounts as may be necessary to cover the expenses in engaging Project Visionaries Philippines for the purpose of formulating the MOA shall be sourced from the General Administration fund.