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Resolution:Philippine Wikimedia Communities

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Menu Philippine Wikimedia Communities, as amended
Approved on Apr 19, 2012, As amended by Philippine Wikimedia Communities amendment on Jan 07, 2013.

I. General Policy

The Chapter recognizes the role of localized communities in developing their own programs and projects that will benefit their respective Wikimedia projects and expand the reach of the Chapter in areas outside of its immediate reach. A Community serves as an integral arm of the Chapter that will advance its objective to promote the projects of the Wikimedia Foundation.

II. Communities

  1. A Philippine Wikimedia Community (“Community”) is a group of members aiming to:
a. Develop or improve a local Wikimedia project/s, or
b. Further the reach of the Chapter in a specific locality.

III. Recognition

  1. A group of at least three (3) regular members must comprise a Community.
  2. Recognition of a Community must be filed with the Secretary, who shall validate its membership, and review its objectives that must not conflict or overlap with the objectives of another existing Community. If found to be compliant, the Secretary shall calendar it for deliberation on the next meeting of the Board of Trustees, otherwise the Secretary shall refer it back to the proponents.
  3. Apart from the objectives that the Community may propose to represent, the Board of Trustees may also expand it to cover other aspects that is likely imminent to their function.
  4. The Board of Trustees by majority vote shall have the authority to recognize a Community.

IV. Administration

  1. The Board of Trustees shall have direct supervision of Communities, and shall refer to them matters and issues that directly affect them before making any decision.
  2. Communities must designate a coordinator, who must be a regular member and shall serve as the liaison of the Chapter.

V. Projects

  1. Project development – Communities must create and develop projects in line with the Strategic Plan of the Chapter and of the Wikimedia Foundation. Every project must benefit their community.
  2. Requirements – Community projects must be prepared and approved in the same manner as other projects of the Chapter.
  3. Funding – Funding of Community projects not included in the Chapter's Annual Program Plan may source funding from the Chapter's Microgrants Fund with due consideration to projects that may still be proposed by other Communities.
  4. Implementation – Communities shall have full control of their projects, determine the manner and process of its implementation depending on their needs and capabilities.
  5. Agreements – Agreements necessary to be entered into by the Community in order to implement a project must be first cleared by the Projects Manager who shall have the responsibility to ensure that it is not disadvantageous to the Chapter and no potential conflict of interest exists. It shall be the responsibility of the project lead to inform the Projects Manager of the need to enter into any agreement.
  6. Reporting – Project reports must be submitted to the Projects Manager no later than 45 days after the projected completion date as stated in the project proposal, unless otherwise earlier prescribed or a formal extension is requested from and granted by the Projects Manager 30 days before the stated end date.
    Projects with a completion date of more than one year after the projected start date must provide progress reports every six months from the stated start date until its completion, in addition to the final report that must be submitted no later than three months after the projected completion date as stated in the project proposal, unless a formal extension is requested from and granted by the Projects Manager 30 days before the projected end date.
    Expense reporting must be in the manner prescribed in the Expense Policy. Project leads shall be responsible to keep original documentation of receipts which may be requested at any time by the Treasurer.[1]

  1. As amended by Resolution № 92 on Jan 07, 2013