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Resolution:Philippine Cultural Heritage Mapping Per Diems

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Approved (9–0) on 13 September 2014.

WHEREAS, the Philippine Cultural Heritage Mapping project will be deploying certified project volunteers to different locations around the Philippines to map and document cultural heritage sites;

WHEREAS, the effort of tracking, reporting, recording and payment of expenses incurred by at least twenty volunteers will evidently be too tasking;

NOW THEREFORE, it is hereby RESOLVED, to allow the following exemption to the Expense Policy:

Meal per diem allowance
Project volunteers who are on official deployment will have a choice of either submitting actual receipts for meals, or to just receive standard daily meal allowances totaling to ₱550 per day which represents: ₱100 for breakfast, ₱150 for lunch, ₱200 for dinner, and ₱100 for whole-day snacks. However, if certain meals are already provided in accommodation arrangements (i.e. bed and breakfast), the allowance for that meal must not be claimed.
The per diem meal allowances claimed should take into consideration the times of departure and arrival in determining claims that are applicable. As such, one may not claim dinner meal allowance if a volunteer returned to his or her residence in the morning or early in the afternoon. To better understand when one is allowed to claim a certain meal allowance, one should be deployed during the times indicated below:
Meal Time
Breakfast before 10:00 am
Lunch 11:00 am – 2:00 pm
Dinner 6:00 pm onwards
Snacks anytime
Receipts for the meals taken or incurred will not be necessary, except when the expense claim is based on a receipt. The project volunteers must also be able to present written proof that the project lead authorized their deployment or travel, together with their approved itinerary. Any deviation from their approved itinerary must be necessary and reasonable for the completion of their assigned task and authorized by the project lead upon the submission of their report. The authorization shall be the basis to determine the applicability of per diem meal allowances.
When filing the report, a volunteer must indicate whether a per diem meal allowance will be claimed, whether it is whole-day or partial. See example below:
Date Particulars Receipt Ref. Amount
09/15/2014 Per diem meal allowance (lunch, snacks, dinner) N/A ₱450.00
09/16/2014 Per diem meal allowance (whole day) N/A ₱550.00
09/17/2014 Per diem meal allowance (breakfast, snacks) N/A ₱250.00
Submission or reporting of expenses will still be on the 5th day of every succeeding month, unless a volunteer is still on official deployment, or professional duties prevent him from returning to his residence. In such cases, the Project lead or Treasurer must be notified at least by e-mail.