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Approved (8–0) on Nov. 24, 2013


  1. Policy. It shall be the policy of Wikimedia Philippines to immerse its members in the Wikimedia movement in order to familiarize them with the broader international community which would provide them a first hand experience and an opportunity to interact and exchange ideas with other Wikimedians and learn from their best practices in implementing their projects and running their respective chapters.
  2. Scope. This policy shall cover any overseas conferences, meetings, seminars, workshops, gatherings or activities or as used in this resolution "events" organized by the Wikimedia Foundation or any of its recognized chapter, community or affiliates, and other non-Wikimedia but Wikimedia mission-aligned events recognized by the Wikimedia Foundation.
  3. Requirements and criteria. A participant should be performing or will be tasked to perform a function relevant to the event that he would be attending in behalf of the organization. If necessary, he/she should already have a passport, that has a validity of at least six (6) months or as may be required by the country to be visited.
    1. Administrative events. Administrative events are events related to performing administrative functions, which include but are not limited to the following:
      1. Wikimedia Conference/Wikimania.[1] The participant must be a Trustee or officer, but due consideration shall be given to key officers of the organization.
      2. Finance Meeting/Fundraising Summit. The participant must be responsible or in charge of managing the finances or the fundraising activity of the organization.
    2. Projects-related events. Participants to project-related events which include but are not limited to the GLAM Camp and MediaWiki Hackathon should be involved in the local initiatives or will be tasked to carry-out the initiatives.
  4. Manner of Selection – The Board shall have the authority to designate its representative or participant to any event that will be beneficial to the organization or where its presence is imperative in full consideration of the criteria and requirements provided in the preceding provision. The participant must also demonstrate the ability to perform the functions that will be assigned to him after attending the event.
    1. Invitation to participate. An announcement inviting potential participants shall be made not less than two (2) weeks before the deadline to submit an intent to participate. Such period may not be observed if the invitation itself from the organizer was received or announced less than the prescribed period. As such, no participant shall be assigned or designated unless this announcement or invitation to apply to potentially qualified participants was made, except when the invitation is for a particular person. The Board shall not limit selection only to its members and may extend such invitations to non-members who are willing to commit and perform the functions that will be assigned and become a regular member of the organization.
      The invitation to participate must fully disclose:
      1. the requirements to be a participant which shall reflect the same requirements of the organizer,
      2. the tasks and reporting requirements after their participation,
      3. their obligations and period of commitment to the organization, and
      4. the penalties if the obligations are not fulfilled including the payment of the entire amount or portion of it used to fund their participation.
  5. Covered expenses. Approval of expenses are subject to the Expense Policy.
  6. Limitations of Authority. No authorized representative shall commit WMPH unless pre-authorized by the Board.
  7. Obligations. The representative will be under obligation to fulfill the responsibilities that may be required of him to perform within a reasonable period of time but shall not in any way be longer than one (1) year, as such no obligation shall also be imposed for more than one (1) year. In case the representative does not fulfill his obligations he shall be required to pay the entire amount funded by the organization for his participation or in case the obligation is for a function that is continuously performed for a given period of time, a prorated computation may be employed to determine the amount he shall be required to pay back, unless the Board determines that such obligation cannot be carried-out due to circumstances beyond the control of the representative. The representative shall also not engage in any illegal activity or action detrimental to the interests of the organization.
  8. Communication. The representative shall maintain open communication with the Board, within his obligation period and shall be responsible to notify it should his contact details change.
  9. Performance of obligations. A representative shall be able to perform his obligations for at least two hundred sixty (260) days in a year, unless earlier terminated by the Board.
  10. Reports and surrender of documents/materials. A participant must submit a report about their participation within thirty (30) days after the end of the event and surrender documents and materials that may be of interest to the Board.
  11. Insurance. Travel insurance shall only be provided if it is a requirement to obtain the necessary travel documents or visa.
  12. Repealing clause. All resolutions and other issuances inconsistent with this Code are hereby repealed or modified accordingly.
  13. Separability. If for any reason any provision or portions of it are found to be inconsistent with the By-laws or the laws, the remaining provisions shall remain in effect.
  14. Effectivity. This Policy shall be effective upon its adoption.

  1. For the purpose of attending chapter related meetings during Wikimania and to avoid competing with other Philippine-based Wikimedians for a scholarship grant.