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Resolution:Participant to GLAM-Wiki 2015

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Menu Participant to GLAM-Wiki 2015
Approved (8–0, 1 abstention) on 01 Mar 2015

WHEREAS, Wikimedia Philippines is currently observing a moratorium on admitting new members, pending the completion of the verification of members;[1]

WHEREAS, GLAM-Wiki 2015 will be held on April 10 to 12, 2015 in Amsterdam, Netherlands;

WHEREAS, Wikimedia Philippines has an ongoing GLAM initiative — the Philippine Cultural Heritage Mapping Project — where Zach H. Pagkalinawan is serving as project coordinator;

WHEREAS, Section 4.1 of the Participation Policy provides that "(t)he Board shall not limit selection only to its members and may extend such invitations to non-members who are willing to commit and perform the functions that will be assigned and become a regular member of the organization;"

NOW THEREFORE, it is hereby RESOLVED, that Zach H. Pagkalinawan shall be sent by Wikimedia Philippines as a participant to GLAM-Wiki 2015 in Amsterdam, Netherlands on April 10 to 12, 2015.

RESOLVED FURTHER, that expenses related to the participation shall be charged to the corresponding appropriation in the current year's proposed budget or reallocation from the previous year's budget as may be allowed by the Wikimedia Foundation.