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Resolution:Non-accession to the Chapters Council

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Menu Non-accession to the Chapters Council (Wikimedia Chapters Association)
Approved on Mar 30, 2012

WHEREAS, the Chapters Council (Wikimedia Chapters Association) is a proposed organization comprising Wikimedia chapters that intends to serve as a central organization, with the purpose of promoting coordination and accountability among the chapters, represent the chapters on common interests, facilitate the exchange of knowledge and experience, and provide assistance and support in organizational development;[1]

WHEREAS, the proponents of the Chapters Council sees the Wikimedia Foundation ("Foundation") to be reluctant in taking a more proactive role in facilitating chapter assistance, review, and guidance;[2]

WHEREAS, Wikimedia Philippines does not see any insurmountable problem with its relation with the Foundation that would require it to be represented by the Chapters Council;

WHEREAS, Wikimedia Philippines expresses reservations with the structure of the Chapters Council that may become an added level of bureaucracy in dealing with the Foundation;

WHEREAS, its proposed structure has no adequate representation for the less-developed and small chapters to which Wikimedia Philippines belongs;

NOW THEREFORE, it is hereby RESOLVED, that Wikimedia Philippines will not actively pursue membership in the proposed Chapters Council but shall maintain open communications with its Secretariat in order to be constantly updated of developments in the Chapters Council.