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Approved (8–0) on 12 May 2016

WHEREAS, it is in the best interest of Wikimedia Philippines to continuously improve on its ability to record, reconcile and verify its transactions and books of accounts;

WHEREAS, pursuant to the Action Plan for Improving Wikimedia Philippines that was adopted by the Board of Trustees on March 15, 2016, an automated system for accounting is the best logical step towards improving the chapter's financial processes and controls;

WHEREAS, a system that would allow for the systematic automation of the chapter's governance and monitoring processes outside of accounting is also beneficial to its operation;

Be it RESOLVED, therefore:

  1. Wikimedia Philippines shall apply to as a Sponsored Member, under the sponsorship of CloudTech, which had previously cleared the chapter's membership in the program.
  2. Upon approval of the chapter's membership in, the chapter shall adopt NetSuite and its associated products as its official system for any and all functions that may be automated, including but not limited to financial management, project management, expense reporting, membership management and the like.
  3. The chapter shall resolve to maintain compliance with's membership requirements in order for it to be able to continue using the software packages it may choose to avail under this program.