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Resolution:Membership Verification Extension

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Menu Membership Verification Extension
Approved (7−0) on 28 March 2015

WHEREAS, Resolution No. 157 set the completion of the Membership Verification by November 30, 2014;

WHEREAS, the Membership Committee and the Board in general was interrupted by superseding causes that prevented it from completing their task;

NOW THEREFORE, it is hereby RESOLVED, that the completion of the Membership Verification shall be extended until before the Regular Meeting of 2015;

RESOLVED FURTHER, that the clause "genuine interest and active involvement" under Section 1, Article II of the By-laws shall mean that a member in the last two years should have:

  1. participated in at least an official project or activity of the organization, or personally attended an annual meeting; and
  2. been a regular member for at least a year.