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Resolution:Membership Verification

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Approved (5–0) on 4 October 2014

WHEREAS, Article II, Section 1 of the By-laws requires that members have “genuine interest and active involvement in the affairs of the Corporation”;

WHEREAS, the resolution creating committees on August 9, 2011, tasked the Membership Committee to “ensure that current members are compliant with the qualifications for membership”;

WHEREAS, the Corporation must also ensure that it has accurate and up-to-date information of its members to enable it to effectively communicate with and fulfill its obligations to the members as required by law to ensure their full participation in its affairs;

WHEREAS, obtaining other member data and information expedites the production of documents that are required to be filed with government agencies;

WHEREAS, the Corporation Code of the Philippines requires that “× × × (t)he by-laws shall be signed by the stockholders or members voting for them and shall be kept in the principal office of the corporation, subject to the inspection of the stockholders or members during office hours. × × × ;”

WHEREAS, apart from the By-laws, there are other Corporate acts that require the concurrence of members, and in complying with the law and in the Corporation’s bid to be a certified non-profit organization, the Corporation needs to have good documentation and in the process, whenever it is practicable, have its members sign the Membership Book and other Corporate acts that require their concurrence as documentary proof whenever the same is required by government agencies to be presented, such as but not limited to the adoption and amendments of By-laws and Articles of Incorporation;

WHEREAS, the Securities and Exchange Commission requires signatories to these aforementioned documents must also indicate their Tax Identification Number (TIN), or current passport numbers for non-resident aliens, as documentary proof of their concurrence to these Corporate acts as required by the law;


  1. Composition of the Membership Committee. The Membership Committee for 2014 to 2015 is hereby organized to be composed of Eugene Alvin Villar (Chairman of the Board), Juan Bautista Alegre (President), John Paul Antes (Secretary), and Tristan Marco San Andres. The President, Juan Bautista Alegre, shall chair the Membership Committee.

  2. Verification of Member Interest. The Membership Committee is hereby tasked to communicate with each member of the Corporation who was approved since the Corporation was incorporated if the member still intends to continue their membership in the Corporation with “genuine interest and active involvement” in its affairs and to fulfill their obligations as members as required by law and other Corporate acts.

    In case a member responded saying that they shall discontinue their membership, it shall be further and clearly communicated to them that the response will be construed as effectively resigning their membership from the Corporation.

    A member who has effectively resigned shall be immediately removed from the roster of the members of the Corporation.

  3. Required Information. Together with the communication to verify member interest, the Membership Committee is hereby further tasked to request each member to provide the following required information, if these are not on record, by November 30, 2014:
    1. Legal name (First name, Middle name, Last name, Suffix)
    2. Complete birthdate (MM-DD-YYYY)
    3. Gender, and prefix to be used (Mr./Ms./Mrs./etc.)
    4. Complete postal address
    5. E-mail address(es)
    6. Contact number(s) (landline, if available, and/or mobile)
    7. Citizenship
    8. Tax Identification Number (TIN) for Filipinos and resident aliens, or passport number for non-resident aliens
    9. Copy of a valid government-issued identification (e.g. passport, driver’s license, etc.)
    10. Preferred mode of communication (by post or by e-mail)

    The Membership Committee shall also request the following optional information:

    1. Wikimedia project username (if any)
    2. Occupation and employer, if employed
    3. Course and school, if a student
    4. Affiliation with other organization(s)
    5. Language(s) spoken

    The Membership Committee shall provide a form that may be used by the member to provide the required and optional information and that must be signed by the member.

    Refusal to provide the required information shall be construed as non-compliance with this Corporate act and shall be grounds for membership suspension, and if such suspension is carried out, such suspension shall be in effect as long as the refusal persists. The Membership Committee must however clearly distinguish refusal to provide the required information from inability to provide it. Providing false information shall be grounds for expulsion from the Corporation.

    These information shall likewise be required from member-applicants before their application is considered for approval.

  4. Communication Procedure. The communication to each member shall be in the form of a letter sent to the member’s e-mail address. If the e-mailed letter is undeliverable or the member has not responded within thirty (30) days of the delivery, the letter shall be sent by registered mail to the member's postal address with a prepaid return envelope. At the same time, the Membership Committee shall attempt to communicate with the member by phone or other available means of communication to remind the members of their need to respond to the communication.

    Failure to respond to the communication shall be construed as a lack of genuine interest and active involvement in the affairs of the Corporation and shall therefore be considered as a violation of their duty as a member of the Corporation which shall be sufficient grounds for the termination of their membership.

  5. Eligibility to Reapply. Any member whose membership may be terminated as a result of this Resolution shall not be barred from reapplying again as a member; provided, they shall ensure that they shall comply with the qualifications for becoming a member.