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Resolution:Membership Fee Application

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Menu Application of Membership Fees

WHEREAS, the current system of applying the membership fee for a period of one year from the time payment is made is not very manageable and has caused confusion among members;

NOW THEREFORE, it is hereby RESOLVED that,

  1. Membership fee payment shall be for a calendar year and shall be applied on the calendar year the payment is made or succeeding unpaid year if member is current with dues.
  2. In case a member has membership fee arrears, such arrears would have to be settled first before their membership status is made current. If the period when they had incurred their arrears is not synchronized with the calendar year, the succeeding payment shall only be for the remainder of the calendar year.
  3. Trustees are required to be current with their membership fee payments for the duration of their term. Unpaid membership fees shall accrue in the name of the trustee and shall be recorded as Receivables in the financial books of the Corporation at the end of the calendar year if they remain unsettled. Membership fee arrears incurred as a non-Trustee officer are hereby written off.
  4. All current and advanced membership fee payments upon the approval of this resolution shall remain to be effective up to the date it has been indicated or communicated to be effective. Payment made after its effectivity shall be for the remainder of the calendar year, however a member whose membership fee payment is effective beyond December 31, 2015 shall have their existing membership payments extended to the end of the calender year their membership fee expires.