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Resolution:Membership Discontinuance

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Menu Membership Discontinuance
Approved (5–0, 1 abstention) on 30 May 2015

WHEREAS, the Membership Committee, pursuant to Resolution No. 173, evaluated the members of the Corporation based on their "(1) commitment to the objectives and aims of the Corporation and the Wikimedia movement in general, and (2) genuine interest and active involvement in the affairs of the Corporation" which are requisites for membership under Section 1, Article II of the By-laws;

WHEREAS, members who did not satisfy the updated criteria were sent notices from May 5–12, 2015 to submit their appeals or grounds for retention in the Corporation by May 22, 2015;

WHEREAS, only by a two-thirds (⅔) vote of the members of the Board of Trustees can a membership be discontinued;

WHEREAS, the SEC Opinion on Nov. 7, 1989 provided for the treatment of decimal figures (or fractions) when computing for voting requirements;

NOW THEREFORE, it is hereby RESOLVED, to discontinue the membership of the following members who either have not expressed their interest to continue their membership in the organization, or have not actively participated in any organizational activities:

  1. Gasal, Raph Manny Gregor
  2. Mangahas, Fabian Bernard
  3. Romero, Jeremy
  4. Gonzalez, Ma. Cristine
  5. Lago, Asuncion
  6. Llorca, Ferdinand
  7. Tanabe, Gisela
  8. Baterna, John Michael Bien
  9. Dalanon, Nathaniel
  10. Lim, Roderick
  11. Pasion, Orlando
  12. Serraon, Ace Christian
  13. Bautista, Francisco Jr.
  14. Gregorio, Gil
  15. Marquez, Jenzenn
  16. Dalanon, Vicente
  17. dela Cruz, Alejandro
  18. Logoc, Mon
  19. Vallite, Jomar Rhandy
  20. Dani, Daniel
  21. Ello, Arvin
  22. Jusay, Marrita
  23. Olaño, Ramon Jr.
  24. Gonzalez, Francisco
  25. Sultan Amanollah, Muammar
  26. Alvarez, Ryan
  27. Babula, Andrea
  28. Julia, Brynn Jonsson
  29. Loyola, Antonio
  30. Valencia, Ma. Desiree
  31. Don, Irene
  32. Don, Ria Isobel
  33. Pestana, Raymond Charles
  34. Cubilla, Chris
  35. delos Santos, Dino
  36. Guevara, Gabrielle Ann
  37. Lumampao, Raisa
  38. Mejia, Allan Solomon
  39. Regachuelo, Noel
  40. Reyes, Jeremiah
  41. Aguay, Bernardo Miguel
  42. Bayeng, Dionisio
  43. Ignacio, Anna
  44. Ocoma, Francis Thomas
  45. Celebrado, Jenry
  46. Pazcoguin, John Michael
  47. Martinez, Antonio
  48. Hutalle, Henry
  49. Canela, Eduardo
  50. Montaña, Ivy Jocy
  51. Perez, Sergio Francis
  52. Tiu, Erlinda Olivia
  53. Lopido, Leonilo
  54. Rosaroso, Francisco
  55. Soriano, Jared
  56. Urayan, Shirlita
  57. Fiji, Harvey Benjamin
  58. Oyzon, Voltaire
  59. Eroles, Aries
  60. Guirnela, Kurt
  61. Robillos, Ferdinand
  62. Borras, Ma-Reiko
  63. Calilung, Roilingel
  64. Gatchalian, Andrea
  65. Sabay, Reymund
  66. Vacarizas, Paolo
  67. Tolentino, Reginald
  68. Yabes, Gerry
  69. Fernando, Mark
  70. Marchadesch, Jeffrey
  71. Alegre, Jocelyn
  72. Domingo, Elmer
  73. de Vreede, Jan-Bart

RESOLVED FURTHERMORE, that members whose membership have been discontinued by virtue of this resolution may reapply to be a member, provided that they fulfill the requirements for membership.