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Resolution:Interim Officers and Date of Regular Election

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Menu Interim Officers and Date of Regular Election
Approved on May 1, 2010

WHEREAS, Wikimedia Philippines, Inc. (WMPH) acquired its corporate existence after it was incorporated on April 12, 2010 by the Securities and Exchange Commission of the Republic of the Philippines;

WHEREAS, the Board of Trustees failed to convene to elect its initial officers within fifteen (15) days from the date of WMPH's incorporation in accordance with its Bylaws;


  1. The election of WMPH’s initial officers shall be deferred until the First Annual Convention.
  2. The following members of the Board of Trustees shall serve as officers in an interim capacity until the election and assumption of WMPH’s elected officers as provided for in its Bylaws:
a. James Joshua G. Lim as President
b. Joseph F. Ballesteros as Vice President
c. Allan Paolo C. Barazon as Secretary
d. Roman D.V. Bustria Jr. as Treasurer