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Resolution:Grant Proposal Submission Process

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Menu Grant Proposal Submission Process
Approved (7-0) on June 9, 2013

WHEREAS, the name of Wikimedia Philippines is used whenever a grant proposal is submitted on its behalf to a grant giving body including the Wikimedia Foundation;

NOW THEREFORE, it is hereby RESOLVED, to provide a procedure before a grant proposal is submitted to a grant giving body on behalf of the organization:

  1. Board endorsement. The Board of Trustees ("Board") shall review every grant proposal including but not limited to the program objectives which shall at all times be aligned with the purposes of Wikimedia Philippines, its program and financial plans, before the grant proposal is endorsed to a grant giving body. As such, no grant proposal shall be submitted to any grant giving body, unless it has been approved by the Board.
  2. Primary contact. The President shall be made the primary contact person of every grant proposal. If ever the president was changed during the duration of the grant's program implementation, all duties, responsibilities, documents and communication shall be transferred and turned over to the succeeding president within thirty (30) days.
  3. Passage of Budget appropriation. Once approved and the funds for the grant have been received, a budget appropriation shall be made without adjusting the fund allocations already approved by the grant giving body. Any deficiency in the amount received due to foreign exchange losses or remittance charges shall be supplemented by Wikimedia Philippines from its unappropriated funds. The budget appropriation shall also include the conditions prescribed under the grant and other reporting requirements that may be different from the reporting requirements of Wikimedia Philippines.
  4. Transitory provision. Any grant currently under review by a grant giving body at the time of the adoption of this resolution shall be deemed to have been approved and endorsed by the Board.