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Approved (6-0; 3 abstentions) on May 22, 2013


  1. An ad-hoc "Election Committee" is hereby created to supervise and ensure the integrity of the upcoming Board elections during the Annual General Meeting of Wikimedia Philippines on June 15, 2013.
  2. The Election Committee shall be composed of the following Trustees:
    1. Relly Bautista as Chair
    2. Frederick Calica as Member
    3. Emmanuel Ramirez, Jr. as Member
  3. The Election Committee shall have the authority to issue rules and guidelines for the effective supervision of the said elections. The Committee shall have the exclusive power to disqualify candidates, proclaim the winners and decide on all matters relating to the said election of Trustees.
  4. The sitting Board of Trustees shall reserve the authority to decide on any issue elevated to it arising from the decisions of the Election Committee. If the decision of the Election Committee is contested by a sitting Trustee, the Trustee contesting the decision shall not be allowed to vote on the matter.
  5. The internal Auditor shall be allowed to immediately conduct an audit of the results of the elections.