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Resolution:Declaring Trustees as Regular Members

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Menu Declaring Trustees as Regular Members
Approved (7–1; 1 abstention) on 2 June 2014.

WHEREAS, Trustees Emmanuel Ramirez, Jr. and Allan Paolo Barazon elevated to the Board of Trustees ("Board") their appeal for the reconsideration of their candidacies for the 2014 regular Board elections after their candidacies were declined by the Election Committee for their failure to comply with the requirement set under Section 6 of the Election Code which provides that: “A candidate for the Board must be, at the time of the filing of candidacy, × × × a regular member as may be certified by the Secretary; × × ×”, after they have expressed their intent to run for the Board at a time when their membership status were understood to have relegated to associate membership;

WHEREAS, Trustees Ramirez and Barazon have since taken the step to regain their regular membership status by settling their membership fee arrears on May 12, 2014;

WHEREAS, Trustee Ramirez whose appeal was received by the Board on May 28, 2014, requested for the members of the Election Committee (who are also members of the Board) to inhibit themselves in the deliberation of the Board of his appeal, however upon the filing of the appeal of Trustee Barazon on May 30, 2014, Election Committee Chair John Paul Antes requested for the composition of the entire Board to deliberate on the appeals brought before it;

WHEREAS, In resolving the two appeals with entirely different points of arguments, addressing the appeal of Trustee Barazon would effectively address the appeal of Trustee Ramirez;

WHEREAS, Art. VI, Sec. 2 of the By-laws provides that “(T)rustees of the Corporation who shall be of legal age, elected by and from among the regular members of the Corporation;” effectively requires maintaining the same membership status in order to remain a Trustee that comes with it the members’ mandate to oversee among others the programs, management, administration of the organization;

WHEREAS, Art. II, Sec. 2 of the By-laws provides that: “× × × Regular membership shall be all members of good standing who are paying regularly annual dues as may be imposed by the Corporation × × × ”;

WHEREAS, In the course of the organization’s four-year operation, there were several instances wherein trustees, incorporators and members were not able to remit their pledged contributions and membership fees right away; understanding that involvement in the organization may come only after family and professional obligations, demanding an immediate payment of dues with the risk or threat of losing the position entrusted by the member of the organization, undermines the members’ entrusted mandate;

WHEREAS, Should the organization choose a course of understanding, that will call for special elections after declaring a Trustee’s seat vacant whenever a Trustee fails to remit or pay his membership fee on time will strain and burden the organization with the exercise rather than focusing itself with more pressing matters to fulfill its purposes as an organization; and with nine Trustees comprising the Board, a scenario of having nine special elections in any given year is never far from possible; or leaving behind four Trustees who will not anymore constitute a quorum to even call for elections;

WHEREAS, Even though it may be perceived as a privilege extended to a Trustee, it must be understood that a Trustee also effectively loses the privilege non-Board members enjoy who may pay their membership fees only when they choose to exercise the privileges of a regular member; as already practiced by the organization and essentially upheld by the Board’s approval of the organization’s Annual Financial Statements since 2010, which enumerated its Receivables from Trustees who were not current with their dues or had not remitted their pledged contributions at the end of the fiscal year;

NOW THEREFORE, it is hereby RESOLVED, that members of the Board of Trustees, unless otherwise provided by resolution, are deemed as regular members for the entire duration of their term and shall be permitted to exercise all the rights and privileges accorded to regular members during the same period;

RESOLVED FURTHER, that membership fees of Trustees who are not current with their payments shall have their dues continuously accrue every year, on the same day a year after they have last paid their membership fee, or every July 9 for the original trustees who are still serving on the Board;

RESOLVED FURTHERMORE, to uphold the candidacies for the Board of Trustees Allan Paolo Barazon and Emmanuel Ramirez, Jr.;

RESOLVED FINALLY, to instruct the Election Committee to upload the candidate profiles of the Allan Paolo Barazon and Emmanuel Ramirez, Jr. and communicate with the membership body of their inclusion in the roster of candidates immediately.