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Resolution:Corporate Seal

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RESOLVED, to adopt the Corporate Seal of Wikimedia Philippines, Inc.

  1. Design. The Corporate Seal of Wikimedia Philippines, Inc. shall follow the general design, lay-out and specifications of the logo of the Wikimedia Foundation, Inc. (a non-profit organization based in the United States of America), with the inscription "PHILIPPINES" in replacement of "FOUNDATION".
  2. Derivations. Any derivation of the corporate seal shall be subject to the Wikimedia visual identity guidelines of the Wikimedia Foundation.
  3. Custodian. The Secretary of the Corporation shall be the custodian of the corporate seal and shall affix it on all official documents and papers of the Corporation.
  4. Use. The corporate seal may be used only in official documents, papers, properties of the Corporation and displayed in events, projects, activities sanctioned by it or as may be provided further by the Board of Trustees. Unauthorized use of the corporate seal may be penalized by suspension or dismissal from the organization.
  5. Appropriation. The amount necessary to manufacture the corporate seal is hereby appropriated accordingly.
  6. Effectivity. This shall be effective upon acceptance of Wikimedia Philippines, Inc. and the Wikimedia Foundation Inc. of the Chapter Agreement.


Design of Corporate Seal