Resolution:Bookkeeper appointment

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Bookkeeper appointment
Approved (9–0) on 22 November 2016.
For (9, 100%): Antes, Balingit, Bautista, Coros, Lim, Ordonio, Ramirez, Villocido, Villar
Against (0, 0%):
Abstained (0, 0%):
Not present:

WHEREAS, it is recommended organizational practice to segregate incompatible roles, namely, (1) the officer that approves fund releases, (2) the bookkeeper, and (3) the cash custodian;

WHEREAS, the organization has designated the President as the officer that approves fund releases, or in the case of approved projects, the project's designated Lead, and the organization has designated the Treasurer as the cash custodian;

WHEREAS, Mr. Frederick Calica, a member of the organization who is not the President nor the Treasurer, has knowledge and experience in bookkeeping;

RESOLVED, to appoint Mr. Calica as the organization's bookkeeper;

RESOLVED FURTHER, to provide Mr. Calica with the necessary tools and permissions to perform his bookkeeping task.