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Resolution:Bank of the Philippine Islands as Official Depositary Bank

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Menu Bank of the Philippine Islands as Official Depositary Bank
Approved on July 4, 2010

RESOLVED, that the Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) Ayala-Paseo Branch shall be the official depositary bank of Wikimedia Philippines, Inc. (WMPH) which shall maintain all its accounts with BPI and avail of its products, services or facilities provided thereby that maybe necessary and beneficial to WMPH;

RESOLVED, that WMPH be, as it is hereby, authorized to enter into transaction and/or avail of products or facilities of, or brokered by, or through the intermediation of, Bank of the Philippine Islands, or any of its branches, affiliates, and wholly/partly owned subsidiaries (hereinafter individually or collectively referred to as “BPI” for the purpose of these resolutions), including but not limited to, deposit accounts (including phone/electronic/internet banking facilities), cash management services, and similar transactions as WMPH may deem reasonable, beneficial and in the furtherance of the interest of WMPH;

RESOLVED, that the Treasurer AND the President OR Vice President of WMPH be, as they are hereby, authorized to sign, for and in behalf of WMPH any documents, papers, instruments, checks and withdrawal slips, debit and credit instructions, funds transfer instructions, check encashment/endorsement, forms, agreements, or contracts as may be appropriate and/or required for the implementation of the foregoing powers/transactions, authorized above;

Position Name of Incumbent Officer Signature
Treasurer Jose Roel G. Balingit
President James Joshua G. Lim
Vice President Joseph F. Ballesteros

RESOLVED FURTHER that the Corporate Secretary of WMPH be authorized, as he is hereby authorized, to submit the updated list of the incumbent officers/trustees occupying the above-mentioned positions, from time to time;

RESOLVED FINALLY, that this Resolution shall remain valid, subsisting and enforceable unless subsequently modified, revoked, rescinded or superseded by a resolution of the Board of Trustees and a copy of such resolution in actually received by BPI.