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Resolution:Approval of WikiCon 2012 Expense Item

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Menu Approval of WikiCon 2012 Expense Item
Approved (4–0; 3 abstentions) on Jun 22, 2012

WHEREAS, Treasurer Roel Balingit elevated to the Board for arbitration the approval of an expense item amounting to Seven Thousand Fifteen and 68/100 Pesos (₱7,015.68) incurred last May 25, 2012 for the accommodation of volunteers during the Philippine WikiConference 2012 after the refusal of Trustee Joseph Ballesteros, then President at the time the expense was incurred and co-signatory to the bank account of the organization to recognize it;

NOW THEREFORE, after due consideration and deliberation it is hereby RESOLVED, to recognize the said expense as valid and approve the reimbursement of Emmanuel Ramirez Jr. who had incurred the said expense in the name of the organization;

RESOLVED FURTHER, to instruct Trustee Joseph Ballesteros to sign the check under the name of Emmanuel Ramirez Jr. for the said amount to facilitate his reimbursement.