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Resolution:2015−2016 Bikol Community Activities

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Menu 2015−2016 Bikol Community Activities
Approved (7–0) on 28 March 2015

RESOLVED, to approve the 2015-2016 Bikol Wikipedia Edit-a-thons project as proposed by Joseph Ballesteros and to be lead by Dindin Daliva;

RESOLVED FURTHER, to allocate the sum of Fifty-Two Thousand Thirty Pesos (₱52,030.00) from the budget for Philippine Wikimedia Communities in the 2015 Annual Program Plan grant for the 2015 activities of the project;

RESOLVED FURTHERMORE, to allocate the sum of Twenty-Six Thousand Four Hundred Pesos (₱26,400.00) in the Organization's 2016 Program Plan for the 2016 activities of the project.