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Quarterly Meeting 2011 Q4

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Location: G/F Gervacia Center, 152 Amorsolo St., Legaspi Vill., Makati City, PH
Date: January 7, 2012
Time: 1:00 PM


  • Accomplishment reports
    • President
      • Quarterly report
      • Status of opportunities we had after Asaf's visit
    • Treasurer
      • Status of government paperworks
      • Financial report
    • Events and Projects
      • GLAMCamp
      • Software Freedom Day
  • Committee Resolution
  • Wikipedia Takes the City
  • Wiki Loves Monuments
  • Proposed projects for 2012
  • Other matters

Minutes (raw)

2011 Fourth Quarter Meeting

January 7, 2012
Wikimedia Philippines Office, Benchmark

- Joseph Ballesteros (President, Trustee)
- James Joshua Lim (Vice-President, Trustee) (via Skype)
- Jose Roel Balingit (Treasurer, Trustee)
- Eugene Alvin Villar (Secretary, Trustee)
- Roman Bustria, Jr. (Trustee)
- Relly Bautista (Trustee)
- Frederic Andrada-Calica
- Michael Gonzalez
- Emmanuel Ramirez (start-4:55pm)
- Ferdinand Llorca
- Ma. Cristine Gonzalez (non-voting)
- Jehzehn Marquez
- Jenna Delos Reyes
- Arvin Ello (2:12pm-end)
- Sionee Lago (2:22pm-end)
- Joel Encinas (2:32pm-end)
- Johnny Alegre (2:47pm-end)
- Jeremy Romero (2:59pm-end)
- Belinda Ballesteros (Proxied by Joseph Ballesteros until 3:12pm)
- Ernesto Sonido, Jr. (3:29pm-end)

Proxy Attendance:
- Romnick Coros - c/o Frederick Calica
- Meredith Ramirez Talusan - c/o Belinda Ballesteros
- Aristotle Macam - c/o Joseph Ballesteros
- Johannes Bernardo - c/o Jose Roel Balingit
- Alejandro dela Cruz - c/o Jose Roel Balingit
- Reyton Ordonio - c/o Jose Roel Balingit
- Jocelyn Alegre - c/o Johnny Alegre


- Meeting commenced at 2:00pm.
- Meeting was presided by Joseph.
- Proof of quorum was established.

- Motion to dispose the reading of the full Minutes was disposed of, instead a summary will be read.
  - Summary of the Minutes was read by Eugene.
- Motion to approve the minutes
  - Motion was carried unanimously.

Unfinished Business

- Approval of Expense Policy
  - Motion to table the approval until the next quarter meeting (Roel, Butch)
    - Motion was carried unanimously.

Accomplishment Reports

- President's Report
  - Quarterly Report:
    - (October) WMPH representatives attended a House committee hearing about the FOSS bill
    - (November) Asaf's Visit; talked to 10 organizations and institutions
    - (December) Emman and Josh attended GLAMcamp
    - (December) Informal meeting in December
    - Recent Changes camp participation grant was not approved by WMF
    - Proposed MOU with GeiserMaclang as a PR company
  - Status of opportunities arising out of Asaf's visit:
    - Meta page: http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wikimedia_Philippines/Projects/Wikimedia_Tours_the_Philippines_2011
    - Atty. Berne Guerrero is now WMPH's legal counsel in a personal capacity
    - Sionee agreed to be an additional trainer for the Mozilla collaboration
    - DILA will be added to the Meta page

- Treasurer's Report
  - Financial report
    - 2011 books of account should be finalized by January 15, 2012
    - Note: Admin expenses should be below 30% of expenses for NGO accreditation
    - Roel cannot attend the Financial Meeting in Feb 2012
  - Status of government paperwork
    - Meta page: http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wikimedia_Philippines/Administrative_tasks
  - Questions
    - There are difficulties with just using PayPal to accept donations; UnionBank can be used for Paypal

- GLAMcamp (Eman)
  - [Refer to Eman's presentation and the Etherpad]
  - Letters were already sent to NCCA, National Museum, National Library, National Archives, Ayala Museum, Lopez Museum
  - (Roel) Plan is to target 1 public and 1 private museum and to have a GLAM soft launch conference together with the WikiCon.

- Software Freedom Day (Butch)
  - Meta page: http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wikimedia_Philippines/Projects/Software_Freedom_Day_Philippines_2011

New Business

- Committee Resolution
  - Asaf's recommendations on the resolution:
    - (Asaf) Admin should not be oversight; Board retains this responsibility
    - (Asaf) Membership roster should be with Secretary not the Membership Committee
    - (Asaf) Membership Committee should not have approval power over new members
    - (Asaf) Planning and Review Committee instead of Project Management Committee
    - (Roel) Asaf's comments are just recommendations
  - Motion that the Board review and possibly revise the committees resolution and then present the revised resolution to the membership body in the next quarter meeting
    - Motion was carried unanimously

- Wikipedia Photography Contests
  - There was a discussion on the differences between the Wikipedia Takes the City and Wiki Loves Monuments
  - Motion to proceed with the Wikipedia Takes the City in February 2012 (Butch)
    - Motion was not carried (5 - 6 - 15)
  - Motion to hold Wikipedia Takes the City in 2012
    - Motion was carried (13 - 4 - 9)
  - Motion to hold Wiki Loves Monuments in 2012 (Roel, Mike)
    - Motion was carried (17 - 9 - 0)
  - Motion to hold Wikipedia Takes the City in conjunction with a milestone related to Wiki Loves Monuments (Johnny, Lee)
    - Motion was carried (13 - 12 - 0)
  - Note: No motions are necessary for the committees to carry out the tasks that are already delegated to them.
- Proposed projects for 2012
  - Motion to hold a project planning meeting within the next two months (Butch)
    - Motion was withdrawn after discussion.
  -  Note: Plan is to hold a meeting on January 28, 2012 at GMCI

- Note: Project Management Committee is not in-charge of approval of micro-grants.

Other Matters

- Motion to endorse Josh's proposal for a Manila Wikimania 2013 bid
  - Motion was not carried (1 - 13 - 11)

- Meeting adjourned at 5:30pm.