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Quarterly Meeting 2011 Q1

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Location: G/F Gervacia Center, 152 Amorsolo St., Legaspi Vill., Makati City, PH
Date: April 2, 2011
Time: 1:00 PM

Order of business


  • Joseph Ballesteros, Vice President / presiding officer
  • Paolo Barazon, Secretary
  • Butch Bustria, Trustee
  • Eugene Villar, Trustee
  • Tony Ahn
  • Belinda Ballesteros
  • Remi de Leon
  • Frederick Calica
  • Irvin Sto. Tomas


Proof of the presence of the quorum
The Vice President, presiding in absence of the President, determined that nine members were present, and thus the presence of a quorom has been confirmed. The meeting was called to order at 1:00 pm.
Reading minutes of the of the Third Quarterly meeting
The Secretary informed members that the minutes have been posted on the mailing list. With no corrections or objections from other members, the minutes of the previous quarterly meeting (4th quarter 2010) was approved by the members.
Treasurer's Report
The Treasurer is on leave as he will be returning from Europe in April. Trustee Eugene Villar moved to instruct the Treasurer to submit his report before the annual convention in May, specifically on or before April 22. The motion was seconded by Tony Ahn, and was approved by the members unanimously.
President's Quarterly Report
In the absence of the President, the Vice President informed the members that he would read the contents of the message previously posted by the President in Gdocs. The contents of the said report will be published in an online repository for the group. In the report, the President apologized for his long absence (until May 29) because of his participation in an exchange program in China. He thanked the members for their participation in Wikipedia Takes Manila and the Wikipedia Kapihan.
Unfinished business
Post-incorporation tasks
Trustee Butch Bustria said that according to the Treasurer, WMPH might need to procure the services of a bookkeeper to facilitate the accounting of WMPH's books, especially if WMPH will be participating in the annual fundraiser by the Wikimedia Foundation. However, given that the Treasurer is absent, Butch suggests that Roel will have to personally explain this suggestion until a given deadline; failing this, the matter will have to be discussed in a meeting of the Board of Trustees.
Jojit noted that the fundraiser, which is a year-long activity, is only possible if WMPH has already signed the fundraiser agreement with the Wikimedia Foundation (WMF). In order to participate in the fundraiser, WMPH will need to finish securing the necessary permits with the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD), as well as permits with the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) in order for WMPH to issue official receipts and also to facilitate the processing of donor's taxes, which might have to be taken care of during a fundraising activity. Eugene suggested that WMPH should be able to complete all these pending requirements before July 2011 if WMPH wants to have a fundraiser this year.
The following timeline of pending post-incorporation tasks was drawn, after much deliberation by the members present:
  • April 5, 2011 – date to contact the Treasurer, via email, about the status of other tasks such as the processing of mayor's and barangay permits. If he will be able to accomplish these remaining tasks, he will be given further deadlines
  • April 20 and May 5, 2011 – deadline for status reports from the Treasurer about the progress of these tasks.
  • May 30, 2011 – target date for completing the baranggay and mayor's permit applications
  • End of June 2011/end of the second quarter of 2011 – deadline for completing all post-incorporation tasks.
The following motion was made, and approved: To hire a consultant pending Roel's inability to meet the April 5, 2011 deadline to finish other tasks. (Motion by Bel Ballesteros, approved unanimously)
New business
Planning for annual convention
(Eugene) Motion to discuss. Approved
Tony Ahn noted that the annual convention helps build exposure for WMPH, as well as providing an occasion to gain new members. He suggested that this year's annual convention be provided with lunch for delegates, as well as have activities that are relevant to WMPH's mission and vision. He also said that WMPH may consider having a live teleconference with WMF Executive Director Sue Gardner. Remy de Leon suggested that lectures can be held as part of the activities. Bel Bernas asked which activities are essential for the annual convention, to which trustee Eugene Villar said that the bare minimum mandated by law constitutes a formal meeting, which includes election of an auditor for the general membership body.
The members brainstormed for possible. The results were:
  • an all-day exhibit, open to participants
  • at least two (2) workshops in the morning, with the following proposed activities:
  • publishing your first Wikipedia article
  • Introducing the LGU Wikiproject, along with updates
  • an edit-house (?)
  • open forum sessions
  • 1-3 p.m. – screening of the documentary “Truth in Numbers”
  • 3-5 p.m. – the formal annual convention proper
Trustee Butch Bustria said that the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila (PLM), the site of last year's annual convention, may be considered again for this year's convention; however, other venues may still be considered pending further discussions in the mailing list. At least two rooms may be needed for the annual convention.
Possible participation in Y4it
Trustee Butch Bustria noted that this year's Y4IT conference will be held in September, at University of the Philipines Diliman (UP Diliman). However, much more funds will be needed in order for WMPH to participate, as the basic sponsorship fee was raised by 25,000 pesos. There was also the concern of having to take care of inviting someone from WMF as a resource speaker or keynote speaker, given that the objectives of participating in the 2010 Y4IT conference was already met.
Bel Ballesteros said that a number of proposed projects were mentioned at Y4IT, but haven't been followed up. Had these been pursued further, the potential returns beneficial to WMPH could have a significant impact on WMPH given that we were already able to network and reach out to various schools, companies and organizations.
Butch noted that many people are aware of Wikipedia the website, but not much about WMPH the association. Given this situation, it's important to introduce WPMH further. He said that this matter should be considered further at the annual convention in May.
In the ensuing discussion, the members came to the consensus that the current cost of being a Y4IT exhibitor (at PhP 75,000) was prohibitive, given its nature as being just an exhibition-conference aimed for the academic community. And thus, the following motion was carried: that WMPH participation in the Y4IT conference will be shelved this year.
Improvement drive of the WP Filipino language projects
Irvin Sto. Tomas said that in the case of the Bicolano Wikipedia, a number of editors have a notion of having absolute ownership of articles that they edit, which may pose some problems (e.g. for editors who do not want to have their articles improved on by other editors). In addition, Bicol WP also has to deal with varying language usage as there is no standard or reference language used across the Bicol region.
Butch Bustria suggested that WMPH hold road tours in the provinces to provide orientations and seminars about Wikipedia. A Wikipedia Takes Naga is a possibility that WMPH can consider, given the above circumstances. To this end, preparations for a Wikipedia Takes Naga should be initiated, including dealing with the logistics of holding the event. Similarly, other “Wikipedia Takes...” activities should also be planned in the coming meetings, in order for WMPH to bring the discussions to other parts of the country; a Wikipedia Takes Baguio in time for the Panagbenga Flower Festival was also considered, given the festival's high profile.
The following motion was made and carried: to have Wikipedia Takes Naga and discussions for preparations and logistics will take place, and discussion for Wikipedia Takes Baguio will take place in the 3rd quarterly meeting. Motion carried and approved. Motion made by Bel Ballesteros, approved unanimously.
Calendar of activities
  • Wikipedia Ambassadors Program (program for schools)
  • Tony – brief summary of the Ambassadors program. Partnership with universities, to have professors assign students WP editing work.
  • Calendar of activities Art Contests (programs for schools)
  • Tony – how about local regulations for this? Make necessary preparations and precautions
  • GLAM (Galleries, Libraries and Museums) project
  • (Jojit) WMPH can participate, as no Asian country has done this yet
  • (Eugene) per Roel, talk to Lopez Museum or Filipinas Heritage Library as a stepping stone
Motion to approve contents of discussions and further discuss details in the next quarterly meeting (and in emails)
Partnerships with other organizations
Bel – talking to NCCA (an umbrellla organization) will pave the way for other partnerships. Project proposal to get a formal project under NCCA going.
Eugene: can't we get talking to libraries and museums first?
Bel: yes, it's still an option.
(Butch) set up a committee for the GLAM project, specifically, a committee to deal with partnerships for the GLAM projects? (Tony) It's up to the Board, Board should be the ones frontlining the talking to other organizations, the Board is the “outreach committee”.
Hiring Tony Ahn for PR work
(Butch) Motion to advise the board to retain the services of Tony Ahn for PR work on a monthly retainer (of 5k/month) pending the approval of the Treasurer.
Other matters
Wrap-up on Chapters' Meeting
The Vice President has stated that he has prepared a report on WMPH's participation in the 2011 Chapters Conference in Berlin and will be publishing it online. He gave a wrap-up of the said report. According to him, the other chapters gave a very positive and overwhelming response to Wikipedia Takes Manila, which he reported during the State of the Chapters sessions. Fellow delegate Zack Exley (WMF Chief Community Officer) had talked to him and showed a concern for improving the Tagalog Wikipedia, and a desire to help clean it up. Liam Wyatt (GLAM fellow) also indicated that he is willing to visit the Philippines to discuss the galleries, libraries and museums (GLAM) project with WMPH, noting that there are no Wikipedia ambassadors in Asia to date. WMPH also participated in the Developing Countries working group, which was composed mostly of delegates from the Latin American chapters. Asian chapters were also able to meet up as what happened last year; in the said meet up of Asian chapters, WMHK expressed its interest to become the facilitator and center of the proposed pan-Asian Wikimedia chapters federation; however, no significant updates or steps for the proposal have been taken.
The meeting was adjourned at exactly 5:05 p.m.

I hereby certify to the correctness of the foregoing.

(Sgd.) Allan Paolo Barazon

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