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Quarterly Meeting 2010 Q4

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Location: G/F Gervacia Center, 152 Amorsolo St., Legaspi Vill., Makati City, PH
Date: November 27, 2010
Time: 1:00 PM

Order of business

  1. Proof of the presence of quorum
  2. Approval of the Minutes of the Meeting of the Third Quarter meeting last September 25, 2010
  3. Report of the Treasurer
  4. Report of the President
  5. Other Reports
    1. Report on WMPH's participation at NCS 2010
  6. Unfinished Business
    1. Planning for Wikipedia Day 2011
    2. Discussion of legislative support for amending parts of the Copyright Code of the Philippines
    3. Strategic planning
  7. New Business
    1. Planning for WMPH's participation to Wikimania 2011 at Haifa, Israel
  8. Other Matters
  9. Adjournment


  • James Joshua Lim (President)
  • Joseph Ballesteros (Vice President)
  • Allan Paolo Barazon (Secretary)
  • Jose Roel Balingit (Treasurer)
  • Relly Bautista
  • Butch Bustria
  • Eugene Alvin Villar
  • Tony Ahn


Proof of the presence of the quorum
At around 1:33 p.m the President determined the presence of the quorum. The President declared the meeting open.
Reading and approval of the minutes of the of the Second Quarterly meeting
The minutes of the previous quarterly meeting for the third quarter of 2010 has been posted by the Secretary through the mailing list. There being no objections or corrections, the members present unanimously voted to approve the minutes of the meeting.
Report of the Treasurer
As the Treasurer has not yet arrived on time,it was moved and seconded that the report be deferred until his arrival. Motion was approved unanimously.
President's Quarterly Report
The President delivered his quarterly report, in which he touched upon the participation of WMPH as an exhibitor in the National Conference on Statistics. He also discussed the upcoming celebration of Wikipedia Day on January 15, 2011, and the need for WMPH to plan for celebratory activities.
Other reports
The Vice President notified the members present that his report on WMPH's participation at the National Statistics Convention has been posted in the mailing list.
Unfinished business
Wikipedia Day (15 January 2011)
The President gave a summary of what Wikipedia Day is, why it is celebrated, who are celebrating it, and where it is being celebrated. Two Wikipedia Day events are to be held in the Philippines: one in Zamboanga, and one WMPH-sponsored event in Manila.
Tony Ahn moved that the discussion be discussed by the committee of the whole. The motion was seconded by the Vice President and approved unanimously.
In the committee as a whole discussion, Tony said that Wikipedia Day can be observed as a social and informal event instead of a formal event. Various suggestions were solicited: Tony thought of having live editing Demos, while Eugene thought of having a screening of the documentary “Truth in Numbers”, and the President thought of having it as an "Unconference". The President asked for how long the event should take place; various members said that a half-day could work, while Tony said that it can be scheduled for the whole day but can actually take a shorter time.
Tony moved to dissolve committee on whole. The motion was seconded by Pao, and was approved unanimously.
It was later moved by Tony that WMPH's Wikipedia Day celebration will be observed as a full-day unconference. The motion was seconded by Jojit and approved unanimously
Tony also moved that a Wikipedia Day committee will take charge of planning an Unconference on Wikipedia Day. The motion was also seconded by Jojit, and approved unanimously
Position paper on Intellectual Property Code amendments
Board member Eugene Villar provided a background on why WMPH is making a position on proposed amendments to the Intellectual Property Code of the Philippines. Specifically, WMPH wants to lobby to amend IP Code to amend provision on government works. The President is currently drafting position paper.
Board member Butch Bustria stressed the importance of getting the position paper done on time, especially since Sen. Escudero is busy in his home province. The President remarked that he hoped to get the paper finished in time, by December at the very soonest.
Strategic planning
The President stressed the importance of having a calendar so that members can have reasonable expectations for the organization. An informal discussion was opened to allow members to consider events for the next year (2011). The following events and prospective activities were noted:
  • December 2010: a talk to be given at UST on their quadricentennial celebrations. Board member Lee Bautista received an invitation for this, but he has not given any formal commitment pending approval by WMPH.
  • Wikipedia Day – Jan. 15, 2011
  • Annual Convention – May 22, 2011
  • Quarterly meetings – which can be held after the quarter, so that events during the quarter can be evaluated. The specific details on scheduling and on the manner of conducting quarterly meetings will be discussed and considered for the code of internal procedures to be drafted by the Board of Trustees. Dates for the next quarterly meetings of 2011 will be discussed and finalized at a later date through further discussions at the mailing list.
  • More socials or informal meet-ups for the organization, suggested by Tony. Per Tony's suggestions, WMPH can have five socials, one every other month. Board member Eugene Villar said that any meet-ups must be flexible enough with regard to schedules to accommodate those who have school/work related matters to deal with. January 8 was suggested as the date for the first socials, with the proposed venue at Starbucks Crescent Hill.
Board member Butch Bustria made a follow-up question on how to deal with food for future meet-ups. The Vice President suggested that members can bring their own food to minimize expenses.
  • Marathon fundraiser (suggested by Tony Ahn). Tony suggested that WMPH look up takbo.ph for getting ideas and suggestions for holding marathon fundraisers
  • Wikipedia Academy/Wikiacademy (TBD, only mentioned by the President)
  • An event for developers (suggested by Butch Bustrua). The President said that a committee for this will need to be created, so that this can be planned appropriately as subject matter may be too technical for other members who are not into software and web development. It was determined that the committee be made up of Pao, Eugene, Butch and Jojit, who all have the relecant background and experience
  • Fundraising activities – to be referred to the Fundraising Committee for further discussion.
Tony moved to have the informal motion closed. The motion was seconded by Jojit, and was approve unanimously.
The following motions were made and resolved as approved:
  • To set socials on second Saturdays of every odd months except May (because of WMPH's annual convention). Motion made by Tony, seconded by Jojit and approved unanimously
  • To select the chairman of the fundraising committee. Motion made by Tony, seconded by Jojit, and approved unanimously
  • To have the first socials for 2011 at Crescent Hill on January 1. Motion made by Tony, seconded by Jojit, approved unanimously
  • To hold two Wikiacademy events for 2011. Moved by Tony, seconded by Pao and approved unanimously
  • To hold a developers conference, which will be referred to a committee for this. Motion made by Pao and seconded by Butch. The motion was approved with one opposition (Tony) and one abstention (Josh)
Treasurer's Report
The treasurer delivered his report at 4:03 p.m. A copy of the said report will be furnished by the Treasurer in the mailing list.
The President called for a five minute recess after the Treasurer's report at 4:28pm. The meeting was called back to order on 4:31pm.
New Business
Participation in Wikimania 2011 (Haifa, Israel)
The members of the board gave a short discussion about Wikimania 2011. The Wikimedia Foundation will be holding its next Wikimania for 2011 in Haifa, Israel. Members were encouraged to join Wikimania as travel to Israel is visa-free for the Philippines; however, the Philippines is not one of the priority countries for Wikimania scholarships. Scholarship applications for holding talks in Wikimania is encouraged, however, and if the proposed talk is approved, this will guarantee scholarship slots for the discussion participants. To this end, the WMPH board is planning to submit one such discussion proposal in order to allow interested member-participants to attend Wikimania in Haifa.
Other business
Expanding board of trustees
This topic was suggested by Tony Ahn. According to Tony, a new trustee who is a community leader will benefit the foundation by providing resources that will be beneficial to WMPH. Examples of these are a board member who work as as a professional events planner; a board member who is an established business person or entrepreneur, who is willing to lend actual resources; and someone who is a business or community leader who can help promote WMPH and its interests.
The President asked if it's possible to create the position of executive director (ED) instead of having a new board member? Tony said that this is possible and, should it push through, the said position will oversee the daily operations of WMPH, as an ED is an employee of the board. But given the start-up nature of WMPH, this might not be the way to go.
Josh also asked about having an advisory committee instead. Tony said that this is also possible, but members of the said advisory committee cannot provide any resources.
Jojit noted that under the law, WMPH is allowed to have up to 15 board members in its board of trustees, according to existing regulations by the Securities and Exchange Commission.
Eugene asked if it's also possible to limit having a community board member who is aware of the Wikipedia community and its activities and vision? Tony said that this is a good idea.
Josh wrapped up the discussion by noting that this will have to be further discussed in the annual convention, as the suggestion will entail an amendment of the bylaws.
The meeting was adjourned at exactly 6:00 p.m.

I hereby certify to the correctness of the foregoing.

(Sgd.) Allan Paolo Barazon

Approved on April 2, 2011.