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Quarterly Meeting 2010 Q3

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Location: UCCP Shalom Center, 1660 Leon Ma. Guerrero St., Malate, Manila, PH
Date: September 25, 2010

Order of business


  • James Joshua Lim – President
  • Joseph Ballesteros – Vice President
  • Roel Balingit – Treasurer
  • Eugene Alvin Villar – Trustee
  • Butch Bustria – Trustee
  • Johnny Alegre – Regular Member
  • Belinda Ballesteros – Regular Member
  • Jeremy Romero – Non-paying Member
  • Remi E. de Leon – Non-paying Member
  • Tristan Marlo San Andres – Volunteer
  • Theiss Thella Trono – Volunteer


  1. Quorum was met therefore the meeting was called to order by the President, Mr. Lim, at 2:50 pm.
  2. Minutes of the previous quarterly meeting was approved without further revision.
    1. Mr. Villar moved to approve the minutes and Mr. Ballesteros seconded the motion.
  3. Treasurer’s Report by Mr. Balingit
    1. Expenses for Y4IT had gone over the budget by not more than P5,000 due to foreign exchange losses. Exact figures are still to be determined by the Treasurer.
    2. Wikimedia Philippines (WMPH) could not participate in Wikimedia Foundation’s (WMF) fundraising projects due to WMPH’s lack of permit from the Philippine government, specifically the Department of Social Welfare and Development. Therefore, WMPH would work on obtaining said permits during the last quarter of 2010. Documents for fundraising activities would then be prepared on 2011 after the acquisition of permits.
  4. President’s Report by Mr. Lim
    1. The President attended the Wikimedia Asian Chapters meeting held during the Wikimania 2010 in Gdnask, Poland through a scholarship.
    2. The President encouraged the members and volunteers to attend the Wikimania 2011 in Haifa, Israel through scholarship grant by the Wikimedia Foundation.
  5. Report on the participation of WMPH in the Philippine Youth Congress in Information Technology 2010 (Y4IT) held at the University of the Philippines (UP) in Quezon City on September 14-17, 2010 by the project lead person, Mr. Bustria. (Note: the full report can be accessed in http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wikimedia_Philippines/Projects/Y4iT_2010.)
    1. Problems encountered during the event were the following:
      1. Mr. Bustria could have negotiated for a larger venue for the speech of Mr. Ballesteros if the sponsorship was committed earlier.
      2. The absence of internet connectivity on the booth that inhibited demonstration of Wikipedia editing. Fortunately, one of the volunteers brought a personal mobile broadband which enabled the demonstration.
    2. To solve the problems encountered in this event, guidelines on how to operate and/or handle an event booth was suggested and the preparation of such guidelines would be facilitated by the Board.
    3. Immediate impact of the WMPH participation in this event could be measured by the increased in the awareness on the existence of WMPH as evidenced by the invitation of the Technological Institute of the Philippines to participate in its Road Show and the news article on the WMPH published by GMA News.
    4. Other measures of success, as stated in the grant proposal for this event, such as increased in the editors/contributors and increased in edited articles can be realized much later though difficult to determine. In connection to this, Mr. Villar suggested to include better criteria of success in succeeding proposals.
    5. As suggested by Mr. de Leon, success of an event could be in terms of advocacy, awareness, and interest.
    6. In order to comply with the requirement of the WMF, the donor which gave the grant to WMPH in order for it to participate in this event, WMPH should include in its initial report the expenses incurred and the immediate impact. The other measures of success would be reported later.
    7. Mr. Bustria was able to negotiate with the organizer the procurement of the congress database and he suggested using this database for follow-up.
  6. The meeting went into recess at 4:10pm and resumed the discussion at 4:20pm with the Vice President as presiding officer since the President needed to leave to attend to another appointment.
  7. Report on the participation of WMPH in the College of Information Technology and Education Road Show held at Technological Institute of the Philippines (TIP) in Manila on September 23, 2010 by the project lead person, Mr. Ballesteros.
    1. The booth was manned by 3 members and visited by 160 TIP students and 3 teachers, each from a different secondary school. Students inquired about the Wikipedia while the teachers were interested in WMPH’s future projects.
    2. The Vice President, Mr. Ballesteros, gave a presentation about WMPH to around 200 students.
    3. Twenty pieces of stand-alone Wikipedia CD served as giveaways and distributed to the students and teachers while visiting the booth and during the presentation.
    4. Lessons learned
      1. In the presentation, actual demonstration in Wikipedia editing is more effective than just showing screen shots
      2. Video showing actual demonstration of Wikipedia editing could be shown in the booth
      3. Mr. de Leon asked if WMPH wanted teachers to encourage students to contribute to Wikimedia Projects. The reply was that it depends on the nature of contributions, but WMPH can conduct workshops if requested.
      4. Mr. de Leon asked if WMPH wants teachers to encourage students to contribute to Wikimedia Projects. The reply was that it depends on the nature of contributions, but WMPH can conduct workshops if wanted.
      5. A discussion ensued regarding the Komisyon sa Wikang Filipino and the Tagalog-Filipino issue and it was agreed by the members that some dialogue with the KWF regarding this issue can be pursued in the future.
  8. Report on the participation of WMPH in the National Convention on Statistics on October 4-5, 2010 at EDSA Shangri-la Hotel, Manila.
    1. Mr. Ballesteros pointed out an erratum on the report. The report should have stated that the event was triennial instead of annual.
    2. There would be 3 members who would participate in the convention and 2 persons who would take care of the booth.
    3. Brochure
      1. Brochure used in the previous events would be revised according to the following suggestions:
        1. It would be a generic brochure and just add event-specific inserts
        2. Replace "Contact Us" with "We would like to hear from you"
        3. Add background since it would have glossy printing
        4. Make the content simple, short and catchy.
      2. Copy of the brochure would be sent to the mailing list so that other members could comment on it.
      3. The brochure would be finalized on Wednesday, September 29.
      4. Mr. Balingit volunteered to have it printed in a better quality than risograph at not more than P5 per piece
    4. Ms. Ballesteros suggested that a material on the reliability and/or verifiability of Wikipedia be available in the booth. This would be put in display panel for easy perusal.
    5. WMPH would give free stand-alone Wikipedia in DVDs/CDs to promote free use and distribution of information.
    6. Mr. de Leon donated a tarpaulin stand but he would need to check first if it was still available.
  9. On Wikimania 2012 bid
    1. Based on the previous meeting, a Wikimania 2012 committee was formed and would undertake a feasibility study of WMPH hosting Wikimania 2012 in the Philippines and report on the said study in the 2010 3Q meeting. There was no report submitted to the membership body.
    2. The members then undertook a discussion and then a vote on whether to extend the feasibility study and have the Wikimania 2012 committee report during the 2010 4Q meeting. The members voted, 3 to 2, with 1 abstaining, to not extend the feasibility study, thus effectively abandoning the bid for Wikimania 2012.
    3. Mr. Alegre suggested that WMPH sent a delegation to the Wikimania 2011 and Mr. Bustria pointed out that WMPH could bid for the Wikimania 2013 instead.
    4. Since the feasibility study was not extended, there was a change in the meeting's agenda to cancel the election to replace Mr. Ahn as the head of the committee since this is already moot.
  10. On the celebration of Wikipedia Day
    1. Mr. Villar informed the group that WMF would give funds for the celebration of Wikipedia Day in the Philippines.
    2. Activities for the Wikipedia Day would be finalized in the 4th quarterly meeting on November 27, 2010 considering the academe and corporate sector as target audience, the latter as suggested by Mr. Alegre.
    3. Since Mr. Sunido was voted as Chairperson for the committee on Wikipedia Day and he was currently occupied with the Philippine Blog Awards, it was agreed to get his commitment if he could still lead the activities for the celebration of the Wikipedia Day on January 15, 2011.
    4. Mr. Bustria volunteered as Co-Chairperson to support Mr. Sunido.
    5. Ms. Trono asked if WMPH would accept support from other organizations such as Computer Professionals' Union (CPU) and the Mozilla Philippines community.
  11. On the legislative support
    1. Mr. Bustria informed the group that he has spoken with Rep. Teodoro Casiño of Bayan Muna party-list during Software Freedom Day on September 25 at the University of the Philippines on the possibility of amending the Intellectual Property Code of the Philippines. Mr. Bustria also reported that Ms. Adiong, a Wikipedian, has independently spoken with Sen. Francis Escudero regarding the same.
    2. Mr. Villar reported that Mr. Lim has drafted the WMPH position paper on the Intellectual Property Code of the Philippines Bill while Mr. Balingit pointed out that when submitting a draft bill, the position paper should be placed on top of it.
    3. Ms. Ballesteros reminded the group that since taxpayers’ money was being used by the government to generate statistical information, it would be unfair if the private sector used such information for income.
    4. Ms. Trono suggested that the effort to amend the Intellectual Property Code of the Philippines can be incorporated into the current lobby for the Freedom of Information Bill being tackled in Congress.
  12. Other matters
    1. Mr. de Leon suggested setting objectives as an organization.
    2. Ms. Ballesteros suggested having a separate meeting just for strategic planning where mid-term and long-term plans as well as operational guidelines would be prepared.
    3. Mr. de Leon promised to provide WMPH his media contacts through Mr. Relly as the WMPH PR leadperson.
    4. Mr. Ballesteros informed the group that the Wikipedia Academy served as one of the ways to collaborate with the academe.
  13. With nothing more matters to discuss, the meeting was adjourned at 6:15pm.

I hereby certify to the correctness of the foregoing.

(Sgd.) Eugene Alvin Villar
Acting Secretary

Approved on November 27, 2010.