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Board Meeting 2014-12-06

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Notice of meeting:
Location: Montojo Street, Tejeros, Makati City, PH


  1. Call to order
  2. Determination of a Quorum
  3. Approval of Minutes of the Last Meeting
  4. Reading and Approval of the Agenda
  5. Activity updates
  6. Other Matters
  7. Proposed Board Resolutions
  8. Adjournment



  • Juan Bautista Alegre, President
  • John Paul Antes, Secretary
  • Jose Roel Balingit, Treasurer
  • James Joshua Lim
  • Tristan Marco San Andres
  • Eugene Alvin Villar, Chair
Not present
  • Allan Paolo Barazon, Vice President
  • Ma. Jenna Mae Delos Reyes, Vice Chair (with notice)
  • Vangie Padilla
  • Vera Villocido, Auditor


Call to order
At 4:07 PM, the meeting was called to order by the Chair Eugene Villar.
Validation of quorum
The Chair directed the secretary to validate the presence of a quorum. With six (6) Board members present: Johnny Alegre, Roel Balingit, JP Antes, Eugene Villar and Josh Lim, the Chair declared the presence of a quorum. The Chair also acknowledged the presence of the Auditor, Vera Villocido.
Approval of Minutes
The Chair read the minutes of the meeting last October 4. After the reading of the minutes, a motion to approve the minutes was made by Board of Trustees Member Josh Lim and seconded by Treasurer Roel Balingit, there being no objection the Minutes of the October 4 meeting were approved.
The Chair went over the proposed agenda. A motion to adopt the proposed agenda was made by President Johnny Alegre and seconded by Secretary JP Antes, there being no objection the Agenda for the meeting was adopted.
Activity Updates
1. Waray-Waray Edit-a-thon
President Johnny Alegre reported to the Board the Waray Waray edit-a-thon that held last November 22, 2014 at Calbayog Convention Center. In conjunction with the 11th Maharlika Sunrise Festival in Calbayog, the aforesaid edit-a-thon was well attended by 35 participants. Mr. Alegre shared that Michael Ong, the organizer, expressed his desire to hold another edit-a-thon in Tacloban city. President Alegre suggested a heritage mapping for Tacloban. The Treasurer, Mr. Roel Balingit, mentioned that the expense report for the Waray Waray edit-a-thon had already been submitted and the excess money were properly transmitted back to the corporate fund.
2. Tap & Learn
As a backgrounder, SMART Communications has been working with Wikimedia Philippines for the “Tap & Learn: Tablets for Education” project. Under this program, Filipino Wikipedia editors help train educators from public elementary and secondary schools across the country on how to use Wikipedia to enhance the learning experience of their students, as well as for their own professional development. Mr. Roel Balingit, the project facilitator, shared to the Board that the Tap and Learn training roadshow concluded with total outreach of 6 areas covered nationwide. These include: Urdaneta National High School in Urdaneta, Pangasinan (August 9), Bicol University in Legazpi, Albay (September 13), Balanga Elementary School in Balanga, Bataan (October 24), Department of Education Cebu City Division Office (November 7), Veranza Mall in General Santos City (November 15), and Surigao Special Science Elementary School in Surigao City, Surigao del Norte (November 22).
3. Mario Feir Wiki Expedition
Board of Trustees Member Josh Lim reported to the Board that we had a Wiki expedition last November 22, 2015 held at Mario Feir Filipiniana Library. There were 8 attendees, of which 6 were certified volunteers. Mr. Lim shared that they were able to update information in wikipedia due to that expedition, i.e. according to the 1939 census, the Philippine archipelago is comprised of 7,100 islands. Chair Villar asked if we checked the metrics. Board Member Lim told the Board that at present we do not have way of checking the metrics but we will try to explore possible ways to check it. Mr. Lim also expressed the plan of the Mario Feir management and Mr. Martin Tinio, Jr. to execute a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to forge partnership with the Wikimedia Philippines. For Mr. Lim, this is something the Board must pursue in the future. The Auditor, Ms. Vera Villocido, suggested that a Letter of Intent (LOI) must be secured first from the Mario Feir management and Mr. Tinio, Jr. before we proceed to the terms of Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) or Memorandum of Agreement (MOA). The Board agreed to her suggestion.
4. Sariaya Wiki Expedition
Chairman Eugene Alvin Villar reported to the Board that Architect Ramil Tibayan gave talk and there were 14 volunteers who attended the Sariaya wiki expedition. Chair Villar noted that 195 heritage sites were identified by the Sariaya Heritage Council and 4 heritage houses were identified and protected by the National Historical Commission of the Philippines (NHCP). The Treasurer requested to account wikipedia merchandises distributed in the expedition for proper inventory.
Other Matters
Auditor's Feedback

After three (3) days of reviewing the Chapter's expense reports, check vouchers, bank statements, etc. Auditor Vera Villocido reported to the Board the following findings and recommendations:

  1. The documentations are in order - everything is accounted for with checks and balances (bank statements from January to October 2014).
  2. Receipts are fading, both the original and photocopy.
  3. No receipts for fares and petty cash.
  4. Timeliness in terms of submission of the reports and liquidations.
  5. Attendance sheets of participants must be available as a policy.
  6. No contracts for trainors and facilitators - no supporting documents for honorarium
  7. Procurement policy: Below 50 thousand pesos - direct shopping; 50 thousand pesos and above - quotation/canvassing needed.
  8. Need for narrative report as part of documentations.
  9. Ceiling cost of meal allowances for the Board and volunteers.

Board meeting was suspended at 5:39 PM to give way for a short recess. The Chair acknowledged the departure of President Johnny Alegre at 5:40 PM.

The Chair acknowledged the return of President Johnny Alegre at 6:08 PM. The Board meeting resumed in session at 6:10 PM.

Proposed Board Resolutions
Application of Membership Fees

Mr. Roel Balingit, the Treasurer, recommended to the Board that all members must be required to renew their regular memberships beginning January 1, 2015. He also suggested a flate rate of five hundred pesos (Php 500) to easily account payments. Chairman Villar asked if there any objection to reset the calendar year of payment. He added what will be the difficulty if the membership payment would be pro-rated. Treasurer Balingit said it would be difficult on accounting part.

Secretary Antes inquired if it is possible to implement the proposal on January 2016 instead of January 2015. Treasurer Balingit said it will be more ideal to close all deficits by 2015. Chair Villar raised a question if it is fine to pay the full payment regardless the date of expiration in 2015. San Andres asked if it is possible that during the transitory period, members will only be required to pay membership dues computed against the remaining days of 2015 from the date of expiration of their membership. However, Treasurer Balingit said that this will complicate the auditing process, given the confusion that has already being experienced with the current system, and this requirement of paying the full membership dues regardless of membership expiration in 2015 will anyway be done only for this year. President Alegre expressed that all payments for membership fees must be in contiguous sequence, meaning no skip payment. Treasurer Balingit articulated that only members of the Board of Trustees are allowed to have arrears and not applicable to the general members.

A motion to approve the new calendar year for the renewal of regular memberships was made by Treasurer Roel Balingit and seconded by President Johnny Alegre. The Chair then called for a viva voce voting, with six (6) ayes (Alegre, Antes, Balingit, Lim, San Andres and Villar) and no objection the following resolution was adopted:

WHEREAS, the current system of applying the membership fee for a period of one year from the time payment is made is not very manageable and has caused confusion among members;

NOW THEREFORE, it is hereby RESOLVED that,

1. Membership fee payment shall be for a calendar year and shall be applied on the calendar year the payment is made or succeeding unpaid year if member is current with dues.
2. In case a member has membership fee arrears, such arrears would have to be settled first before their membership status is made current. If the period when they had incurred their arrears is not synchronized with the calendar year, the succeeding payment shall only be for the remainder of the calendar year.
3. Trustees are required to be current with their membership fee payments for the duration of their term. Unpaid membership fees shall accrue in the name of the trustee and shall be recorded as Receivables in the financial books of the Corporation at the end of the calendar year if they remain unsettled. Membership fee arrears incurred as a non-Trustee officer are hereby written off.
4. All current and advanced membership fee payments upon the approval of this resolution shall remain to be effective up to the date it has been indicated or communicated to be effective. Payment made after its effectivity shall be for the remainder of the calendar year, however a member whose membership fee payment is effective beyond December 31, 2015 shall have their existing membership payments extended to the end of the calender year their membership fee expires.

The Chair acknowledged the departure of Johnny Alegre at 7:11 PM.

Cultural Heritage Mapping Project Grant Reallocation

A motion to approve the reallocation of grant for cultural heritage mapping project was made by Treasurer Roel Balingit and seconded by Board of Trustees Member Josh Lim. The Chair called for a viva voce vote, with five (5) ayes (Antes, Balingit, Lim, San Andres and Villar) and no objection, the following resolution was passed as presented:

WHEREAS, there is a need to provide continual training and exposure for the volunteers of the Philippine Cultural Heritage Mapping Project in order to improve their skills in documenting cultural heritage and in contributing to the Wikimedia projects, such as Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons;

WHEREAS, the funding for the Project was provided by a Grant[1] from the Wikimedia Foundation and that significant changes to the budget of the approved Grant requires the approval of the Wikimedia Foundation,

RESOLVED, to approve under the Project the holding of WikiExpeditions;

RESOLVED FURTHER, to endorse to the Grant Advisory Committee of the Wikimedia Foundation, the reallocation of the following items in the budget of the Grant[2]:

Number Item description Approved Grant budget Proposed reallocated budget
1 Volunteer allowances/stipend ₱384,100 ₱267,100
1.01 Region I (Ilocos) ₱20,000 ₱18,500
1.02 Region II (Cagayan Valley) ₱13,500 ₱7,000
1.03 Region III (Central Luzon) ₱18,000 ₱18,000
1.04 Region IV-A (CALABARZON) ₱28,500 ₱22,500
1.05 Region IV-B (MIMAROPA) ₱27,500 ₱22,500
1.06 Region V (Bicol) ₱27,600 ₱20,100
1.07 Region VI (Western Visayas) ₱16,000 ₱15,000
1.08 Region VII (Central Visayas) ₱18,000 ₱18,000
1.09 Region VIII (Eastern Visayas) ₱34,000 ₱8,500
1.10 Region IX (Zamboanga Peninsula) ₱27,000 ₱9,000
1.11 Region X (Northern Mindanao) ₱27,000 ₱27,000
1.12 Region XI (Davao) ₱14,000 ₱0
1.13 Region XII (SOCCSKSARGEN) ₱26,000 ₱26,000
1.14 Region XIII (Caraga) ₱13,000 ₱13,000
1.15 Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao ₱32,000 ₱0
1.16 Cordillera Autonomous Region ₱19,000 ₱19,000
1.17 National Capital Region (Metro Manila) ₱23,000 ₱23,000
2 Conference & workshop ₱840,500 ₱840,500
3 WikiExpedition ₱54,000
4 Project Management ₱63,000
5 Miscellaneous ₱62,500 ₱62,500
6 Contingency (10%) ₱128,710 ₱128,710
TOTAL ₱1,415,810 ₱1,415,810

RESOLVED FURTHERMORE, that the approved form of the Grant reallocation shall be the basis of the new budget of the Project.


There being no further business to come before the meeting, upon motion of Board of Trustees Member Marco San Andres, there being no objection, the meeting was adjourned at 8:42 PM.

I hereby certify to the correctness of the foregoing.

John Paul D. Antes

  • Approved on 07 February 2015.

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