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Board Meeting 2014-03-08

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Notice of meeting: 18 February 2014
Location: G/F Gervacia Center, 152 Amorsolo St., Legaspi Vill., Makati City, PH
Time: 1:00 PM


  1. Annual General Meeting preparations
  2. Wikimedia Conference 2014
  3. Documentation efforts
  4. Cultural Heritage Mapping Project updates and discussion
  5. Wikimedia Commons Freedom of Panorama issues and update
  6. General Operations 2013 grant
  7. Wikipedia Zero updates and Ingrid Flores' visit


  • Paolo Barazon, Chair
  • JP Antes, Vice President (arrived 3:30 pm)
  • Roel Balingit, Treasurer
  • Josh Lim, Secretary
  • Jenna Delos Reyes
  • Eugene Villar, President
Not present
  • Vanj Padilla, Vice Chair
  • Eric Calica (with notice, work schedule)
  • Emman Ramirez (with notice, work schedule)
Joel Aldor, Marco San Andres, Butch Bustria
Antonio Hornedo, Robert Justiniano
Kristine De Guzman, Camille Ocsan


Call to order
At 2:35 PM Chair Paolo Barazon, called the meeting to order.
Validation of quorum
The Chair directed the secretary to validate the presence of a quorum. With five (5) Board members present: Roel Balingit (Treasurer), Jenna Delos Reyes, Josh Lim (Secretary), Eugene Villar (President) and Paolo Barazon (Chair), the Chair declared the presence of a quorum.
Approval of minutes
The Chair directed the secretary to read the minutes of the meeting last February 8. After the reading of the minutes, a motion to approve the minutes was made by Roel Balingit, and there being no objections raised, the Minutes of the February 8 meeting were approved.
The Chair directed the secretary to read the proposed agenda of the meeting as suggested in the original call for the meeting published on Facebook. After the reading of the agenda, a motion to approve the minutes was made by Roel Balingit, and there being no objections raised, the agenda was approved.
1. Annual General Meeting preparations
As per the By-laws, the Annual General Meeting (AGM) is prescribed to be held on the 3rd Saturday of May (May 17 in 2014), which is 45 days from the date elected trustees and officers will begin their terms on July 1 as per the By-laws. Roel Balingit explained that the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) requires the submission of General Information Sheet (GIS) within 30 days from the date of the AGM, and within 30 days whenever there is a change of officers/trustees. Roel Balingit further explained that given the scenario, if the organization will observe the date prescribed in the By-laws, which can be moved anyway, the organization has to submit two GIS, one not later than June 16 and another one, an amended GIS not later than July 30 to reflect the new set of trustees/officers that would have assumed their positions. Roel Balingit also noted that with the Annual Program Plan 2014 grant, which contains the budget for the AGM, still unlikely to be approved, and with 70 days to May 17, there may not be enough time to prepare for the AGM on May 17. Eugene Villar recommended to hold a straw poll among the members present, to gauge whether they want to hold the AGM in May or June (without any specific date). The result was unanimously in favor of an AGM in June. Eugene Villar also recommended to obtain the opinion of other members, through Facebook or e-mail.
WSI, the venue of the 2013 AGM was favored to be the venue of the 2014 AGM, citing its adequate facilities and accessibility. Eugene Villar also noted that the organization was issued a credit by WSI.[1]
Josh Lim would also like to encourage more members to attend, since there is a budget allocation for travel scholarships (in the Annual Program Plan). Eugene Villar also had to note that JP Antes is assigned with drafting the procedure for granting travel scholarships. At the moment, no one has volunteered to be in charge of scholarships for the AGM.
Josh Lim also opened discussions on elections (for five Board seats) at the AGM. Eugene Villar informed the body that we would now allow voting by mail or e-mail.[2] Roel Balingit advised that the Election Committee would have to be organized at least 60 days from the date of the AGM (which still has to be set). The composition of the Election Committee was informally determined to include JP Antes, Roel Balingit and Vanj Padilla, after Eugene Villar already begged off from any responsibility in the committee since he would be presiding over the AGM. Eugene Villar reminded to strictly implement the candidacy filing period.
The Chair acknowledged the arrival of JP Antes at 3:30 PM and of Butch Bustria at 3:40 PM.
2. Wikimedia Conference 2014
The 2014 Wikimedia Conference will be held in Berlin, Germany from April 10-13, 2014. Wikimedia Philippines will be officially represented at the Conference by Jenna Delos Reyes and Emman Ramirez, while Josh Lim will be attending the Conference as well as a member of the Wikimedia Foundation's Affiliations Committee. All attendees have already secured their plane tickets and, in the case of Jenna Delos Reyes and Emman Ramirez, have already secured their visas for Germany. It was confirmed that Jenna Delos Reyes and Emman Ramirez will depart Manila for Berlin on March 29, while Josh Lim will depart one day later on March 30.
For the annual State of the Chapter presentation, it was agreed that the chapter will prepare a video presentation of the previous year's activities. Josh Lim was also put in charge of printing copies of the 2012 and 2013 Annual Reports for distribution at the Conference.
3. Documentation efforts
Efforts to retrieve records and put them on the website have started. It was suggested by Roel Balingit to hold a working meeting where everyone, especially the Secretaries of the organization, attend to dig through the organization's archives to reconstruct the minutes of meetings that have not yet had their minutes completely documented. Some meeting records were already retrieved and are now posted on the website.
The Chair acknowledged the departure of Butch Bustria at 4:12 PM.
4. Cultural Heritage Mapping project
The project lead, Joel Aldor, presented the state of the Cultural Heritage Mapping project, as well as the timeline of implementation for the project. He also requested a meeting later in the month that would discuss the implementation of the project.
Joel Aldor and Roel Balingit clarified that trial phase volunteers for the project will initially shoulder all their expenses in implementing the project, since they will be doing documentation and mapping work in their immediate localities. These expenses will be eligible for reimbursement by the organization upon presentation of their output on Wikipedia. It was also suggested that there be a central online means of coordination for volunteers, which would either be via Facebook, Wikipedia talk pages, Meta-Wiki and/or the English Wikipedia Tambayan. Josh Lim stressed that if the project is a multilingual project, back-end coordination work has to be on Meta and not the English Wikipedia Tambayan, as it would be considered out of scope and may be subject to deletion.
Paolo Barazon volunteered to edit the "Illustrating Wikipedia" brochure on uploading content to Wikimedia Commons in order to take account of specific nuances in Philippine copyright law, similar to the brochure brought by Josh Lim from the Wikimedia UK offices which were localized to take into account specific nuances in United Kingdom copyright law. Other courseware and materials for the project would be coordinated via Wikibooks or another medium.
5. Wikimedia Commons Freedom of Panorama issues and update
Roel Balingit reports that he is still waiting for the Terms of Engagement from the lawyer who would be responsible for obtaining a legal opinion on the availability of Freedom of Panorama in our Philippine Intellectual Property law. Roel Balingit further informed that engagement will involve (1) obtaining an opinion from Atty. Numeriano Rodriguez, Jr. a renowned and top IP lawyer, and if the opinion is affirmative (2) it will be presented to the Intellectual Property office to render their opinion. It must be noted that Wikimedia Commons administrators will require at least only a legal opinion that they could verify. Josh Lim added this is what Wikimedia Argentina had done to convince Commons administrators that they have Freedom of Panorama in Argentina. Roel Balingit had it noted that whether the opinion from Atty. Rodriguez will be affirmative or not, we will be obliged to pay full amount stipulated in the Terms of Engagement, to which Eugene Villar added that's actually how it works. Since the fund to pay for the legal services is included in the General Operations 2013 grant (Item #7), which ended its implementation period on February 28, 2014, it will be requested to be reallocated for the same purpose for another implementation period.
6. General Operations 2013 grant
The General Operations 2013 grant implementation period which has ended on February 28, 2014, after it was extended from December 31, 2013. The grant report will be due on April 29 or 60 days from the end date of the implementation. Roel Balingit will be in charge of producing the grant's financial report, while Eugene Villar and Josh Lim will be in charge of reporting the activities covered under the grant. Roel Balingit also stressed the need to account for project impact, as per his experience as a member of the Grant Advisory Committee, the Wikimedia Foundation looks at evidence of impact as a determinant for funding future projects.
7. Wikipedia Zero updates and Ingrid Flores' visit
Ingrid Flores, Partner Manager for Wikipedia Zero at the Wikimedia Foundation, is visiting the Philippines from March 11-16, 2014 to sign an agreement with a major local telecommunications company to provide its subscribers with free access to Wikipedia. She has agreed to meet with the chapter for a possible dinner on Wednesday, March 12, as well as invite the chapter to attend the signing of the agreement with the company on Friday, March 14. Planning for the event will continue to take place online.
Other matters
Wikimania 2014
Josh Lim brought up the discussion on the possible representatives to Wikimania 2014. Roel Balingit objected to identifying the representatives to Wikimania this early as the program or topics for the conference are not yet known and it's not yet definite if the chapter will be granted the fund to send two representatives. And if ever the fund will be granted, Roel Balingit recommended that one slot be opened to other Filipino Wikimedians, Eugene Villar also suggested to use the same form and criteria used for Wikimania scholarships. Roel Balingit further recommended that the other slot reserved for a Board member to attend affiliate–related discussions in Wikimania should be given to someone relevant to the discussions or should at least exhibit deep involvement in chapter affairs. Josh Lim, Eugene Villar and Marco San Andres have applied for scholarship grants, while Josh Lim and Eugene Villar also submitted presentations.
Deaf–mute visitors
Roel Balingit shared his interaction with Antonio Hornedo and Robert Justiniano from Pinoy Deaf Mute from 1:00 to 2:30. They were at the Wikimedia Philippines office last March 6, but had to come back to talk directly with organization officers. The interaction was by means of writing each one's message on a paper. However, it still proved difficult as no officer is sign language-trained and the written communication may have not fully expressed each other's message. It was noted that the interaction could possibly open an opportunity to work with their group if their intent is to help them learn and understand Wikimedia projects. In order to fully understand their purpose, Mr. Hornedo was requested to write a proposal and send it by e-mail or by Facebook message.
Cultural Heritage Mapping grant appropriation
With the grant agreement signed by the President during the meeting and will be couriered the following week, the Treasurer already presented to the Board the proposed appropriation of the grant endowment reflecting the approved allocations to expedite the passage of the appropriation for the project team to immediately commence their work once the grant is received.
There being no further business to come before the meeting, upon motion of Roel Balingit, there being no objection, the meeting was adjourned at 5:30 PM.

I hereby certify to the correctness of the foregoing.

James Joshua Lim
Secretary of Wikimedia Philippines

  • Approved on 24 May 2014.
  1. Credit issued on September 4, 2013 amounting to ₱1,624.
  2. Since the amendment to Article III, Section 6 of the By-laws is now in effect after the SEC approved the amendment on September 27, 2013, fulfilling the requirement under Sec. 89 of the Corporation Code of the Philippines.