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Notice of meeting: 18 January 2014
Location: G/F Gervacia Center, 152 Amorsolo St., Legaspi Vill., Makati City, PH
Time: 1:00 PM


  1. Organization actions/tasks/activities since 18 January 2014 meeting.
    1. Expiring domains
    2. FEU students thesis
  2. Task assignments during the 2013 Strategic Planning.
  3. Status of Grant proposal submissions
    1. Annual Program Plan 2014 (WMF's feedback)
    2. 2014 Philippine Cultural Heritage Mapping Volunteer Program
  4. 2014 Annual General Meeting preparations
  5. Breaking of tie during the 2013 Board elections.
  6. Chapters Dialogue and WMDE's Kira Kraemer's visit.
  7. Wikimedia Conference 2014 (Berlin, Germany)
  8. Transparency of Board meetings


  • Paolo Barazon, Chair
  • Roel Balingit, Treasurer
  • Eric Calica
  • Jenna Delos Reyes
  • Emman Ramirez
  • Eugene Villar, President
Not present
  • JP Antes, Vice President (with due notice, prior engagement)
  • Vanj Padilla, Vice Chair
  • Josh Lim, Secretary (with due notice, out of the country)
Jelanz del Fonso, Marvin Mariquita, Hershell Samson
MJ Gutierrez, Camille Ocsan


Call to order
At 1:53 PM Chair Paolo Barazon, called the meeting to order.
Designation of Secretary
With Secretary Josh Lim unable to attend the meeting, Roel Balingit was designated secretary by the Chair.
Validation of quorum
The Chair directed the secretary–designate to validate the presence of a quorum. With five (5) Board members present: Roel Balingit (Treasurer), Jenna Delos Reyes, Emman Ramirez, Eugene Villar (President) and Paolo Barazon (Chair), the Chair declared the presence of a quorum.
Approval of minutes
The Chair directed the secretary–designate to read the minutes of the meeting last January 18. After the reading of the minutes, a motion to approve the minutes was made by Roel Balingit, and seconded by Eugene Villar, there being no objection the Minutes of the January 18 meeting were approved.
Upon motion of Eugene Villar, there being no objection, the proposed agenda was approved with two additional items:
  1. Wikimedia Conference 2014 (Berlin, Germany)
  2. Transparency of Board meetings
Chapter updates (since 18 January 2014 meeting)
  1. Board actions – The President went over the recent actions of the chapter. On February 6 a resolution was adopted to Break the 2013 Board Election Tie.
  2. Expiring domains – The three domains used by the Chapter were found to be expiring this year.
    1. – The project domain of Wiki Loves Monuments Philippines will be expiring on February 10, 2014. The Board agreed that the domain will be renewed before the expiry date to avert any problems of recovering the domain. However, since the date falls on a Monday, the only viable option is to pay it via credit card not later than February 9, which Roel Balingit agreed to do.
    2. and – The official website domains of Wikimedia Philippines are set to expire on May 10, 2014. It was agreed by the Board to just task the renewal of the domains before the expiration date.
  3. FEU students thesis – Students from Far Eastern University reached out to the chapter to conduct interviews for their undergraduate thesis about the "Significance of Wikipedia's editing process as perceived by its Filipino contributors on its published content". They met Lim last January 31, and Lim will work to run a geotargeted banner to encourage Wikipedia users from the Philippines to answer their thesis survey/questionnaire. The students would just have to prepare their survey in Google Form. The students also offered to provide the chapter a copy of their thesis. The Board agreed to assist the students in getting the veteran Wikipedia contributors to answer the survey.
The Chair acknowledged the presence of Eric Calica at 2:16 PM.
Task assignments during 2013 Strategic Planning
Since three members of the Board (JP Antes, Josh Lim and Vanj Padilla) are not present, they will be asked on the status of their assignments to know if it will meet the Feb. 23 deadline.
  • JP Antes is OIC for the same tasks together with Eric Calica.
  • Josh Lim is OIC for Minutes of meetings and Code of Conduct' together with Jenna Delos Reyes.
  • Vanj Padilla is OIC for Membership procedures and Conflict resolutions/grievances.
  • Emman Ramirez is the OIC for:
  1. Project management – A Program Operations Manual needs to be developed. Emman Ramirez may need assistance from professional project managers like Joel Aldor to develop this.
  2. Scholarships – Emman Ramirez reported there is none yet. Paolo Barazon will forward the 2013 scholarship requirements used but more or less the Participation Policy covers most scholarship (paid participation) concerns. The 2012 scholarship requirements can be found in the WikiCon 2012 grant.
  • Eugene Villar is OIC for:
  1. Offline voting procedures – Eugene Villar is going over the WMF manual. The procedure should cover Board voting and membership voting procedures.
  2. Virtual (non-physical) meetings – Will be restricted to the Board, but these must be noted at the immediately following physical (face-to-face) meeting.
  3. Election code – A provision that provides: “No membership application will be approved within 60 days from the date of elections” which was included during the deliberation of the proposed resolution is missing. Strategic Planning records will be checked and the Election Code will be corrected by Villar accordingly.
Suspension of meeting
Upon motion of Roel Balingit, there being no objection, the meeting was suspended at 2:33 PM to give way to the group interview to be conducted by the FEU students.
Resumption of meeting
At 3:42 PM the meeting resumed.
Task assignments during 2013 Strategic Planning (continuation)
  • Roel Balingit is OIC for:
  1. Asset management (including disposal, procurement, transfer and accountability) – Property with value of at least ₱2,000 that is usable for at least 12 months will be considered an asset.
    1. Assets to be disposed (no longer usable or to be replaced) will be offered to members through open bidding, if none, sell them online.
    2. On accountability, liability forms will be issued.
    3. For fund disbursements, the Treasurer has prepared Google forms and are now available at the website. Villar pointed out that the procedure itself needs to be laid out for his successor.
  2. Expense Policy – Roel Balingit may likely propose an overhaul of the Expense Policy, which is subject to general membership concurrence.
  • Eric Calica and JP Antes are OICs for:
  1. Documentation and compliance – Eric Calica reported that he is currently working on the procedure together with JP Antes. The following lead times were recommended for the completion of reports:
    1. Meeting minutes: 2 weeks. Roel Balingit suggested the OIC consider to require meetings to be pre-announced in order for expenses relating to it be reimbursable. Eric Calica added that a summary of events/activities, proof (pictures?) should be submitted for group/committee meetings, through a prepared Google from or documentation on a wiki (website/Meta) and find ways to share activities to members.
    2. Annual reports: 30 days
    3. Grant reports: 45 days (retaining the deadline for Community projects, since Grant reports are due in 60 days
  2. Partnerships (institutional) – Eric Calica has no idea how to proceed with a procedure for institutional partnerships.
  • Josh Lim and Jenna Delos Reyes are OICs for:
  1. Code of conduct – Jenna Delos Reyes reported that Josh Lim has a draft, but she has not seen it yet.
Status of Grant proposal submissions
  1. 2014 Philippine Cultural Heritage Mapping Volunteer Program – Balingit provided a quick summary of the GAC comments so far and the responses provided by Villar, Balingit and Joel Aldor (project lead).
  2. Annual Program Plan 2014 – Balingit went over the major points raised by WMF and the concessions that had to be made. It is imperative that the chapter proves the worthiness of funding the grant proposal by improving the expected "Impact" the proposal would make if it were funded, especially when the merits of the proposal may just largely hinge on the outcome of the Philippine WikiConference 2013 and Wiki Loves Monuments 2013. If no improvement and response is provided by the chapter, the proposal which was first commented by the GAC on December 15 may take longer than 60 days to be decided, potentially delaying the implementation of project included in the proposal.
Break tie during the 2013 Board elections
It was agreed to proceed with the vote by ballot. Upon motion of Emman Ramirez, there being no objection, it was agreed to rank the three according to their preference, with "1" as the most preferred, to lessen the probability of another tie, thereby the Trustees with the two lowest totals will serve their term for two years.
Upon motion of Emman Ramirez, there being no objection, the Trustees who were not present—JP Antes, Josh Lim and Vanj Padilla—were given the chance to register their preferences, with Lim via online chat with the Chair, while Antes and Padilla via phone call with the Chair, with the latter writing their preferences on the ballot. However, all the three attempts to call JP Antes on his mobile phone was not answered. After tabulation, the Chair announced the results:
  1. Roel Balingit — 8 (average rank 1.0)
  2. Eugene Villar — 17 (average rank 2.125)
  3. Joshua Lim — 23 (average rank 2.875)
Therefore, Balingit and Villar will serve their current terms until 1 July 2015, while Lim until 1 July 2014.
2014 Annual General Meeting preparations
The Annual General Meeting in 2014 falls on May 17 (3rd Saturday of May), unless the Board sees any compelling reason to move the date. It was noted that if the AGM is on May 17, March 18 is 60 days before the said date that Election preparations must commence. Other members of the Board, who are not present in the meeting will be offered the chance to lead in organizing in the event. With no question about the allocation for the AGM in the Annual Program Plan, the Treasurer advised to work within the allocated budget. Among the tasks the organizing team has to work on among others are:
  • Venue
  • Food
  • Accommodation and transportation logistics of scholars
While the rest of the Board must take care of:
  • 2013 Annual Report, which Villar is already working on the layout
  • Agenda and program
  • Documentation team
  • Smooth flow of proceedings, with the option of having a floor leader
WMDE's Kira Kraemer visit
The Chair informed that Ms. Kira Kraemer will be arriving that evening and will be billeted at the Holiday Inn Makati. Roel Balingit, Emman Ramirez and Jenna Delos Reyes will tour her in Intramuros the next day. Eugene Villar and Joseph Ballesteros will be the interviewees.
Transparency of Board meetings
Eugene Villar opened the discussion on ways to make the meetings and proceedings of the Board transparent, including actions taken by every Trustee, to make them more accountable to the general membership. However, it noted that there will be instances when proceedings must remain be confidential, just like in executive sessions. Currently, there is no official rule that will compel the Board to make these information public.
Upon motion of Roel Balingit, seconded by Jenna Delos Reyes, the transparency of Board proceedings was submitted to the Board for approval. The Chair called for a show of hands, and with six (6) votes (Balingit, Calica, Delos Reyes, Ramirez, Villar, Barazon) in favor and zero (0) against, it was
RESOLVED, that minutes of Board meetings, and votes of Trustees be made public, except when the Board goes on executive session.
The Chair acknowledged the departure of Jenna Delos Reyes at 5:12 PM.
2014 Wikimedia Conference
Emman Ramirez notified the Board that he will be leaving on March 29. A 3–minute report must be prepared, as there may be a "State of the Chapters" presentation as customary. The report can be based on the Chapter Update report found on Meta. Other items will be followed-up.
There being no further business to come before the meeting, upon motion of Roel Balingit, there being no objection, the meeting was adjourned at 5:25 PM.

I hereby certify to the correctness of the foregoing.

(Sgd.) Roel Balingit

  • Approved on March 8, 2014.