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Board Meeting 2013-12-07

From Wikimedia Philippines
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Notice of meeting:
Location: Makati City, PH
Time: 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM


  1. Revisions for the draft of the 2012 Annual Report.
  2. Approval of the working draft for the 2012 Annual report.
  3. Endorsement of the Annual Program Plan 2014 grant proposal.
  4. Chapter representative to the 2014 Wikimedia Chapters Conference in Berlin, Germany.


  • Paolo Barazon, Chair
  • Vanj Padilla, Vice Chair
  • JP Antes, Vice President
  • Eric Calica
  • Jenna Delos Reyes
  • Emman Ramirez
  • Eugene Villar, President
Not present
  • Roel Balingit, Treasurer (participated by phone conference)
  • Josh Lim, Secretary


Call to order
At 6:03 PM Board Chair Paolo Barazon called the meeting to order.
Designation of secretary
With the Secretary Josh Lim unable to attend the meeting, Delos Reyes was designated as secretary by the Chair.
Validation of quorum
Upon direction of the Chair, the secretary-designate validated the quorum. With six (6) Trustees in attendance: Antes, Delos Reyes, Padilla, Ramirez, Villar and Barazon, the Chair declared the presence of a quorum.
Approval of minutes
Upon motion of Villar, there being no objection, the Board dispensed with the reading of the minutes last November 16, 2013 and considered them approved.
The Chair acknowledged the participation of Balingit via phone conference.
2012 Annual report backlog
Coco Navarro sent the draft of 2012 Annual Report to Ramirez by e-mail. The Board reviewed the draft of the long-delayed 2012 Annual Report and recommended some corrections and additions. Ramirez volunteered to communicate with Navarro the additional write-ups and details that had to be revised or corrected.
The Chair acknowledged the presence of Calica at 6:30 PM.
Endorsement of the Annual Program Plan 2014 Grant proposal to WMF's Grants Advisory Committee (GAC)
Upon motion duly made Balingit and seconded by Delos Reyes, the endorsement of the "Annual Program Plan 2014 Grant proposal" to the GAC was submitted for Board approval. The Chair called for a show of hands, and with eight votes (Antes, Balingit, Calica, Delos Reyes, Padilla, Ramirez, Villar, Barazon) in favor and zero (0) against, it was
RESOLVED, to endorse to the Grant Advisory Committee of the Wikimedia Foundation, the "Annual Program Plan 2014" grant proposal for the operations of Wikimedia Philippines for fiscal year 2014 and the implementation of the projects enumerated in it;
RESOLVED FURTHER, that the approved form of the grant together with its conditions shall be the basis of the budget of Wikimedia Philippines for fiscal year 2014.
Representatives to the 2014 Wikimedia Chapters Conference
JP Antes, Jenna Delos Reyes and Emman Ramirez signified their intent to represent Wikimedia Philippines in the upcoming Wikimedia Chapter's Conference in Berlin, Germany from April 10 to 13, 2014. After some discussion and after a motion duly made by Villar and seconded by Calica, with no objection, the Board agreed to use secret balloting to select the two delegates to the conference, with Balingit to submit his vote by SMS to the Chair. After the tallying of votes, the Chair announced the results:
  1. Ramirez – 8
  2. Delos Reyes – 5
  3. Antes – 3
Therefore it was
RESOLVED, that Ma. Jenna Mae S. Delos Reyes and Emmanuel E. Ramirez, Jr. subject to the provisions of the Participation Policy will be the official representatives of Wikimedia Philippines to the Wikimedia Conference 2014 in Berlin, Germany from April 10 to 13, 2014.
RESOLVED FURTHERMORE, that the amounts as may be necessary to defray the expenses to attend the said conference shall be charged against the appropriate allocation in the 2014 Budget.
There being no further business to come before the meeting, upon motion of Ramirez, there being no objection, the meeting was adjourned at 8:07 PM.

I hereby certify to the correctness of the foregoing.

(Sgd.) Jenna Delos Reyes

  • Approved on January 18, 2014.