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Board Meeting 2012-11-10

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Notice of meeting:
Location: Greenbelt 1, Makati City



  • Eugene Villar, President/Chair
  • Roel Balingit, Treasurer
  • Jojit Ballesteros
  • Paolo Barazon
  • Lee Bautista, Secretary
  • Butch Bustria, Vice President
  • Josh Lim


SEC General Information Sheet (GIS)
  • Admin tasks for PCNC ~70% complete
  • Care of Roel
Standardization of Project Management
  • Project operations manula
  • SOP c/o Butch
  • Check lists for projects
  • Get sample from compliant (model) organizations
Pending membership applications
  • Sergio Perez
  • Joshua Pelizarta
  • Ivy Montana

Vote for approval: All votes for the 3 applications were approved with a unanimous vote of approval.

Strategic Planning
  • Table discussion and continue after 2 weeks
  • Via email/online
  • Complete before the end of the year
Wikimedia Indonesia Collaborations
  • Care of Josh
  • Training editors in Indonesia
  • Re-granting program
  • Extensions to South East Asia
  • Adopting Indonesian programs in the Philippines
  • Improve, adopt, implement
  • Bring/create more writers and leaders
Amended by laws
for pick-up at the SEC – c/o Roel
  • Status- approved
  • Will be picked up by benchmark staff
SSS and PAG-IBIG certification
  • PAG-IBIG has sent letters demanding registration
  • WMPH should inform SSS & PAG-IBIG that we do not have full time employees.
  • Inquire and ask for advice at SSS Manila  c/o Lee
  • FDC
  • Pursue round 2 of FDC
  • Vote: Aye
    • Aye: Lee, Roel, Pao, Josh, Jojit
    • Abstain: Eugene, Butch

 Grant reports

Budget for 2013
Wikipedia Takes Naga
  • Care of Irvin
  • Budget: 24,850
  • Via microgrants
  • Edithon
  • Documentation, reports, follow-ups by Butch

Vote: Unanimous  approved 11. Butch in Indonesia  Main objective: o Observation (observatory mission) o Documentation  Butch will act as an official representative for exploratory talks only. No major decisions will be undertaken in behalf of WMPH, contracts/MOU etc., will be decided by the board.  Ask for a copy of Indonesia’s Project Operations Manual  Share WMPH experience

WikiPangasinan Outreach
  • Headed by Butch
  • Budget: 25,000 Php
  • Via microgrant
  • 2 days

Vote: Unanimous  approved

Lipa Outreach

 Headed by LCC and Phil IT.org  8 December 2012  Budget via Open Web Day

Membership meeting/ Christmas party

 Date: 15 December 2012  Tentative venue: Benchmark  Create activities for the membership, such that they provide input for the organization  Set 1 hour for board reports  Exchange gift: o 100 pesos o Related to free knowledge/Wikipedia  Announce on 12 November 2012 (email and facebook)

I hereby certify to the correctness of the foregoing.

(Sgd.) Relly Bautista

  • Approved on