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Board Meeting 2012-03-03

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Notice of meeting:
Location: Geiser Maclang, 6/F Cambridge Center, 108 Tordesillas St., Salcedo Village, Makati City


  • Jojit Ballesteros, President and Chair
  • Josh Lim, Vice President (on intervals via Skype web conferencing)
  • Eugene Villar, Secretary
  • Roel Balingit, Treasurer
  • Pao Barazon
  • Butch Bustria
  • Lee Bautista


  • Meeting was called to order by the Chair at 2:10 pm.
  • Minutes of the previous Board Meeting held last January 18, 2012 was approved.

Admin tasks

Approval of 2011 Financial Statements
  • Roel Balingit moved to approve the 2011 Financial Statements which had earlier been furnished to the Board.
  • Board unanimously approved the 2011 Financial Statements.

Membership approval

  • Roel Balingit moved to approve the membership of the following applicants retroactive to February 25, 2012:
  1. Ramon O. Olaño, Jr.
  2. Irvin P. Sto. Tomas
  • Joseph Ballesteros moved to approve the membership of the following applicants:
  1. Francisco L. Gonzalez
  2. Muammar B. Sultan Amanollah
  • It was noted that there are several membership applications which have not been approved.

Privacy of member information

  • A question was raised on who should have access to the personal information of the members? Can the Membership Committee have access to this list?
    • Paolo volunteered to draft a Privacy of Membership Information Policy

Bikol Community

  • Roel presented a proposal for a framework for Philippine Communities (cf Meta)
    • Under discussion, will be voted by the board in the future.
    • Minimum of 3 regular members must be maintained; not all members of the community need to be WMPH members
  • One of the monthly Open Web Days will be facilitated by the Bikol community
  • The proposal to allocate ₱16,000 from the Microgrants for the proposed Bikol Community was unanimously approved, covering the 3 proposed micro-projects to the Bikol community (cf Meta).

Annual Report 2011

  • Roel is spearheading the report and Joseph will be providing information on projects.

Financial Statement 2011

  • Deadline of submission to BIR is April 15
  • Meredith needs to see it; Roel will contact her
  • Board approves the statement pending minor corrections (e.g., grammar)

Wiki Loves Monuments

  • Launch event: March 24, 5:30pm at UP Bahay ng Alumni
    • Open invitation
    • Call time is 5:00pm
  • Possible attendees: Executive Director of National Parks Development Committee
  • DOT approved it verbally; formal letter forthcoming; logo can be used
  • NCCA approved it verbally; formal letter forthcoming; logo can be used
  • Canon meeting by Roel on Tue (Mar 6) for an EOS DSLR as a prize
    • Ensure that Canon does not impose restrictions on camera used
  • MoA with NPDC not yet signed; just wait for them
  • Intramuros Administration no reply yet
  • Image restrictions are waived per WLM committee requests
  • March PR (GMC) for this event

Paris Finance Meeting

  • Jenna's visa was denied
    • This was appealed but the response was late
  • Chapters Council
    • This should be studied

PCNC Accreditation

  • Basic requirements can be met
  • PCNC is requiring a 3-5-year program plan
  • Roel has placed all papers at Benchmark

2012 Budget

  • Jojit will ask WMF for supplemental budget for OWD for travel (e.g., Bikol)

Mamytz Jusay expense reimbursement

  • It was proposed that the plane ticket that Mamytz bought in connection with the conference in Iloilo be reimbursed
  • Approved (3-2-0)

Website development

  • Hosting is procured from SolidHosting
  • wikimedia.ph and wikilovesmonuments.ph were obtained
  • Mediawiki was installed and Butch is monitoring the accesses

Chapter-selected Board Seats

  • Chapters' decisions must be finalized by March 16
  • Board will discuss this online

Philippine WikiCon + Annual General Meeting

  • Roel proposed to move the AGM date so that the WikiCon will be on the date before the AGM so that we can get new members during the WikiCon can then attend the AGM
  • Jojit is concerned with the legal problems (e.g., complying with SEC) of moving the AGM date
  • Roel is willing to handle the paperwork needed
  • It was moved to move the date of the the AGM from May 19, 2012 to May 27, 2012.
    • Motion failed (1 yea, 1 nay, 3 abstained)
  • Additional discussion:
    • Jojit is OK with Roel's plan if there are no legal problems
    • Butch wants to get a legal opinion about moving the AGM date
    • Roel put on record that the penalties WMPH incurred was due to moving the 2011 AGM is because of not informing the SEC and because the moving of the AGM was not done ahead of time
    • Jojit will consult SEC and counsel regarding the moving of AGM date

Proposed By-laws and Articles of Incorporation amendments

  • Amend the AoI so that the aims of the organization and activities will be in line with NCCA, which is the target government agency under which WMPH wants to be an NGO
  • Roel's proposed amendments are on Meta
  • It was agreed that the Board will discuss it internally by March 31

  • Meeting was adjourned by the Chair at .
  • Minutes prepared and submitted by Eugene Villar.


  • Foregoing minutes approved on April 14, 2012.