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Board Meeting 2011-07-24

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Location: SM City Sta. Mesa, Ramon Magsaysay St. cor. Araneta Ave., Quezon City, PH
Time: 1:00 PM



  • Joseph Ballesteros, President/Chair
  • James Joshua Lim, Vice President
  • Eugene Alvin Villar, Secretary
  • Jose Roel Balingit, Treasurer
  • Allan Paolo Barazon
  • Roman Bustria, Jr.
Not present
  • Relly Bautista


  • Meeting convened at 1:00pm
  • Feedback on Annual Meeting last July 9 (and WikiCon a bit)
    • Agreed to hold the WikiCon separate from the AGM (at least separate days)
      • Holding a conf and a meeting would be too tiring (e.g., Remy)
      • Lack of time
      • Not divide the focus of people in organizing 2 events
      • Holding it on the same day was intended to save members' time, but this benefit was not fully realized
    • Hold on consecutive days or separate days?
      • Consecutive: con: still hard to keep focus
      • Consecutive: pro: same logistics (venues, etc.)
      • Decision depends on the selected date(s) too
      • Need to consult members first
  • Roel met with Jocelyn Alegre:
    • Jo said that Robert's Rules put a damp on the free-wheeling discussion
    • Jo said that the board has a monopoly of decisions and members don't feel involved
    • Jo said that maybe casual meeting (one-on-one or small focus groups) might be better
    • (Jojit said that personally calling the members was effective for the July 9 meeting)
  • What to do with the August 13 meeting?
    • Butch wants the meeting to be a Kapihan for members (very informal)
    • Calling for a meeting would make for proactive members
    • Roel prefers individual/group meetups over meetings where attendance is encouraged
    • Vote to hold an August 13 meeting: 3 - 1 - 2 (failed)
  • Post-incorporation, SEC paperworks, annual legal requirements, etc.
    • How to present the rescheduling of the 2nd AGM to July 9?
    • Voted to have a resolution that the board moved to hold the 2nd AGM on July 9 on June 18: 4 - 1 - 1 (carried)
      • Jojit will file the SEC papers instead of Roel
      • BIR needs GIS
    • Eugene will give signed GIS to Jojit by July 27
    • Roel was able to get tax-exempt status as long as there are no employees]
      • Professionalization will be for future
    • Roel doesn't yet know about tax status of donations
  • Annual Report
    • Board needs to provide bio and pictures for annual report to Josh
    • Event write-ups
      • Jojit: TIP, UST, NCS
      •  ?: Butch
    • Deadline for submission: August 13
    • Deadline for final report: August 31
  • Donations and fundraising
    • Roel: restricted (for a particular goal only) vs. unrestricted
    • Roel: Jo said that it's easier to get donors if there is visibility on where the money is spent
  • Membership
    • Membership takes effect upon payment of membership fee and takes effect for 1 year
  • Possible fundraisers
    • Fun-run
      • Roel feels we need to get more visibility first
      • Butch wants to outsource the event to a group that specializes in it like Run-Runners
  • Grants and Projects
    • "Chapter Start-up 2"
    • Roel: Wall map of the Philippines (using new baselines)
    • Butch: videocam w/ DSLR to create videos of free content
    • Scanning of documents and stuff from GLAM
    • Roel: He talked to Liam Wyatt re GLAM and Liam said that instead of partnering with imaging companies to rent equipment, why not let

WMF buy the equipment. Also WMF can write letters to GLAM as a foreign organization instead of WMPH.

  • Committees resolution
    • Update: Committee chairs are not org officers (remove use of the term "officer")
    • Update: Committee reports will not be given at the annual convention
    • Suggest to remove the wording re "majority vote of members" to creation/dissolution of committees
    • Add a resolution re conflicting resolutions
    • Suggest to remove creation of procedures per committee
    • Update: explicitly state that the President is ex-officio chair of the Admin committee, unless
    • Update: explicitly state that the Treasurer is ex-officio chair of the Fundraising committee, unless so delegated
    • How to accommodate people who want to do projects and not
  • Wikipedia editing per se
    • Create a projects committee: 1 - 4 - 1 (failed)
    • Update a provision wherein the Board handles conflicts between committees
    • Each committee have "at least one" ex-officio members
    • Create a "project/logistics" committee: 4 - 2 - 0 (carried)
      • Name: Projects Management Committee
    • Committees resolution was approved unanimously
  • Software Freedom Day
    • Do we pay P10,000 to get additional promotional perks?
    • Lee will most likely attend the August 6 meeting; Butch will try
  • Meeting adjourned at 5:30pm

I hereby certify to the correctness of the foregoing.

(Sgd.) Eugene Alvin Villar

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