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Board Meeting 2010-11-06

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Venue for 4Q Meeting - Is Benchmark OK? Roel: it's big enough but since the meeting is on a Saturday, Benchmark is requiring 5 days notice. - Additional fee for use? Roel: 300/hr and on Saturday is likely 1-5pm (strictly 5pm because of the availability of the Benchmark staff). - Roel: we can bring in food.

Luggage for equipment - ???

Fundraiser - Misunderstanding with WMF fundraising office. WMPH: we are not participating in 2010.

Josh digresses: There's a canceled check (?) --> WMPH Paypal account is not active and Paypal is requiring a proof that WMPH is a non-profit. (???)

Grant reports - Josh: There is a format for the grant report, a template that we can just fill in.

 - Report is actually a wiki page on Meta.

- Jojit: he can do it. - Josh: Other chapters have yet to file. Others: Irrelevant. - Which expenses goes where? Realign stuff from projects to startup grant. WMF may require documentation so we need to be strict with realignment. - Y4IT deadline: December 31, 2010 - NCS deadline: January 16, 2011 - Chapter startup: May 21, 2011 - Report will be done by project heads (responsible) with the Treasurer. - Preparation: off-Meta, Google Docs; when final copy to Meta - Roel has a per-line item detail of whether we are over/under budget and actual expense - Discussion of items in the startup grant.

Digression: - Benchmark 4 hr/mo question. Roel: use of Benchmark facilities for weekdays is from 9-6 with *some* notice, but Saturday/weekday holiday is as way above. Use of equipment has charges. - Josh: Press Release for project. Others: No need.

 - Newsletter. ...

Event Planning: - Do we need a document? Roel: No need. - Roel: Creating an "event management document" from scratch is not good. Let's attend trainings and use those materials. - Lets write down lessons learned from the past 3 projects - Note: Butch attended an events management seminar - Summary: board discussion today will be presented to members during 4Q meeting (harvest from these minutes)

Code of Internal Procedures: - Expense Policy:

 - stated in Bylaws that these must be approved by the membership body.
 - general discusion of the Expense policy.
   - 15 days post-project expense report -> 30 days
   - travel expense for convention instead of same area code, do some financial metric such as bus fare less than e.g. P100.
   - add sea travel
   - expand lodging section

- Finalize CIP by December 31.

Post-incorporation Tasks: - Need a board resolution about change of address to Makati (Benchmark).

 - Jojit, Roel, and Pao will handle the papers for change of address.

- Permits (San Lorenzo, Makati) will handled by Roel (?) - DSWD (for fund-raising): Josh daw bahala, Roel will handle registrations - Josh will go to BIR-RDO (either Manila/Makati) to get requirements for getting tax exemption - Eugene will forward info about getting NGO status. - BIR registration (receipts, tax) by Roel

4Q Meeting: - finalization of 3Q meeting: Eugene and Jojit will talk about this. - Roel will handle Benchmark stuff - Refreshments: Roel - Present about Wikimania (maybe get Asaf's presentation)

Note: - Josh is available Fridays after 11am. - Eugene: weekends - Butch: weekends - Roel T-F after 2pm - Pao: ?? - Jojit: weekends + weekdays with notice

Re: Meetings with orgs: - WMPH Rep WILL NOT commit without prior authorization

Meeting with UNICEF: - Josh will create a letter to UNICEF by post mail

Chapters Meeting - Siska's visa problem to Germany

Wikimania 2011: - Start of scholarship application is January 1, 2011. - Approved talks automatically get scholarship (eg India)

Asian Chapters Meeting: - Feb 21-25 in HK - Josh will ask WMHK

Wikimedia Meetups vs. WMPH Meetings - Needs to distinguish more

Wikipedia Day 2011 - WMPH Open House / Wikipedia Meetup - Truth in Numbers

I hereby certify to the correctness of the foregoing.

(Sgd.) Allan Paolo Barazon

Wikimedia Philippines – BOARD MEETING

Starbucks Podium (Ortigas Center)

2.  Jojit Ballesteros

3.  Paolo Barazon

4.  Roel Balingit

5.  Eugene Villar

6.  Butch Bustria



–        Next quarterly meeting: 27 November 2010 (1­5pm), Benchmark Virtual Office

–        Benchmark needs notice only on weekends; weekdays don't need notices

–        Must be filed 3 months after the date funds were granted. Minority of grants funded have

reports. But it's important that we submit early.

–        (The grant report is a Wiki page on Meta)

–        (Need to clarify if expenses are to be filed under the startup funds, or the project funds)

–        Deadlines: Y4IT in December 31, NCS – January 16; Startup – May 21

–        Reports to be done by project heads; to be prepared offline; final copy on Meta

–        Roel: has per­line detail of which item are over/under budget


–        WMPH will opt out of this year's fundraising due to legal requirements, which preclude

participation of WMPH.

–        Josh: concern that not many Filipinos donate online; Butch: reiterated email/letter about

allowing people to be more creative with regards to donations

–        Josh: next year's participation means that WMPH may need separate account for

–        ask general membership body for ideas on non­online fund raising ideas


–        There is a need to have more systematic planning

–  Roel: re event planning/management: trainings, not documents

–  Explore option of having a (customized) seminar on events planning with PTTC. May

involve WMPH members besides board of trustees

–        (This topic to be included in the agenda for the 3


–        Defer discussion on CIP until board gets hold of model CIPs from other organizations

–        Tentative deadline for finalization: December 31, 2010. Can be moved to January 2011 in

case it cannot be finalized by then


–        must be approved by the membership body per the bylaws

–        Roel discussed the draft of the policy in detail (draft is in Meta)

–        need to add sea travel policy

–        expand lodging section

–        definition of “area” for tracel expenses related to conventions


–        Josh to contact BIR Makati or Manila re tax exemption status application

–        Barangay permit done

–        Mayor's permit done

–        Change of address – Jojit, Roel, Pao. To be notarized by Pao

–        DSWD – fund raising issues.

–        BIR registration will be done in Makati (under the jurisdiction of Bgy. San Lorenzo


–        To be deferred on this meeting; to be done by Jojit and Eugene

–        Roel: Benchmark stuff, refreshments


–        Josh: Fridays from 11a onwards, weekends

–        Eugene: weekends

–        Butch: weekends

–        Jojit: Weekends + weekdays with prior notice

–        Roel: T­F 2p onwards

–        WMPH will not commit to meetings with third parties without prior authorization of the

Board of Trustees

–        (Meeting with UNICEF)

–        Josh: Letter to UNICEF


– Josh: took note of Siska Doviana's (WMID) problem with visa

–        submissions for scholarships begin January 1, 2011

–        approved talks automatically grant scholarship approvals to those who will be involved in

the talks (as with representatives from India)


–        February 22­25 in Hong Kong

–        will ask WMHK if they are organizing the meeting (or, if not, who)


–        WMPH open house / meet up

Approved on .