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Date and Time 
June 15, 2014, Saturday, 3:30 to 7:00 p.m.
WSI Corporate Center, 1005 Metropolitan Ave., Makati City 1205
Map of venue


  1. Opening
  2. Validation of Quorum
  3. Reading and Approval of the Agenda
  4. Reading and Adoption of the Minutes of the 2013 Regular Meeting
  5. Annual Reports:
    1. President’s 2013 Annual Report
    2. Treasurer’s 2013 Financial Report
  6. Elections for:
    1. Auditor (for the term 2014–2015)
      1. Nomination of candidates
      2. Voting proper
    2. Board of Trustees (for the term 2014–2016 [5 members])
      1. Presentation of candidates
      2. Voting proper
  7. Other and New Business
    1. Announcement of Wikimania Scholarship recipient
    2. Wikipedia Editing Rewards Program Introduction
    3. Resolution on the regularity of Board members
  8. Closing



Not present


Call to order
At 3:35 PM, Vice Chair Vangie Padilla called the meeting to order.
Validation of quorum
Upon direction of the Vice Chair, the Secretary called the roll, to which the members responded.
  1. Aldor, Joel Lucky
  2. Alegre, Jocelyn (proxy: Joseph Ballesteros)
  3. Alegre, Juan Bautista (proxy: Joseph Ballesteros)
  4. Antes, John Paul
  5. Arellano, Bernardo III (proxy: Jenna delos Reyes)
  6. Balingit, Jose Roel
  7. Ballesteros, Joseph
  8. Bernardo, Johannes (proxy: Jenna delos Reyes)
  9. Bustria, Roman Jr.
  10. Calica, Frederick
  • Coros, Romnick (proxy)
  • dela Cruz, Alejandro (proxy)
  • Delos Reyes, Ma. Jenna Mae
  • Gesite, Vera
  • Lim, James Joshua
  • Lopez, Annalyn
  • Mejia, Allan Solomon (proxy)
  • Padilla, Vangie
  • Padilla, Jewel Rey
  • Ramirez, Emmanuel Jr.
  • San Andres, Tristan Marco
  • Santos, Christopher
  • Simon, Conrado (proxy)
  • Soriano, Jared (proxy)
  • Talusan, Meredith (proxy: Roel Balingit)
  • Vergara, Ma. Concepcion (proxy: Roel Balingit)
  • Villar, Eugene Alvin
  • With 25 of the 35 regular members present, the Secretary declared the presence of a quorum.
    The following regular members arrived after the roll call:
    • Alegre, Juan Bautista (acknowledged presence at 5:00 PM)
    • Barazon, Allan Paolo (acknowledged presence at 3:42 PM)
    • Camaya, Edwin (acknowledged presence at 4:50 PM)
    • Conrado, Simon (acknowledged presence at 4:01 PM)
    • Ordonio, Reyton (acknowledged presence at 4:01 PM)
    • Dela Cueva, Reynie Rose (acknowledged presence at 4:29 PM)
    • Gener, Mari Lyne (acknowledged presence at 4:29 PM)
    • Maddela, Ma. Melina (acknowledged presence at 4:29 PM)
    Adoption of the agenda
    The President informed the membership that he would like to add to the agenda the presentation of the Wikipedia Rewards program. Joseph Ballesteros also raised the issue of the recent passage of Resolution No. 145, declaring members of the Board of Trustees as possessing regular membership in the organization. The Treasurer noted that this should be tackled at a Board meeting, though Butch Bustria noted that members have the right to hear the Board justify its decision. The Vice Chair called for approval of the agenda, which was moved by John Paul Antes and seconded by the Treasurer. With no objections, the agenda was passed.
    Arrival of the Chairman of the Board of Trustees
    Upon the approval of the agenda, the Vice Chair formally turned over responsibility for presiding the meeting to the Chairman of the Board of Trustees.
    Message of the President
    The President read the Message of the President that would be included in the organization's 2013 annual report, including highlights on Open Web Day, Wiki Loves Monuments and other projects of the organization.
    Adoption of the minutes of the 2013 Annual General Meeting
    Mr. Ballesteros raised as the Chairman was about to call for the Treasurer's Report that the 2013 AGM minutes had not yet been read and adopted. The Chairman proceeded to read the minutes of last year's meeting, and with no objections, the minutes were adopted.
    Treasurer's report
    The Treasurer proceeded to give his report on the financial state of the organization as of December 31, 2013. He noted that the organization received fewer grant funds, although the 2012 grant amount included other grants that were subsequently included as part of the organization's revenues. However, the organization's project expenses for 2013 have been reduced in several areas. Publishing expenses are to be adjusted. Expenses have to be restructured to comply with a WMF directive to separate expenses by grant.
    Election of the Auditor
    With no objections to the adoption of the Treasurer's Report, the Chairman opened nominations for the position of Auditor. Eugene Villar nominated Mr. Ballesteros, who accepted the nomination, while Emmanuel Ramirez nominated Vera Gesite, who also accepted the nomination. The candidates later gave their presentations.
    Consolidation of elections for Auditor and the Board of Trustees
    The Secretary suggested that the election of the Auditor be held via secret ballot, with the top part of the ballot space reserved for the auditor vote. This was moved by the Treasurer, and seconded by Marco San Andres. However, Mr. Bustria noted that this required amending the agenda, and which the Treasurer moved for amending the agenda to reflect that fact. This was seconded by Joel Aldor. With no objections, this was approved.
    Presentation of candidates for the Board of Trustees
    The Chairman turned over responsibility for presiding over the meeting to Mr. Antes, serving in his capacity as Chairman of the Election Committee. Candidates for the Board of Trustees later gave their presentations.
    Suspension of the meeting
    The Chairman ordered the suspension of the meeting at 4:40 pm to allow for the voting for vacant positions in the Board of Trustees to take place.
    Resumption of the meeting
    The Chairman ordered the resumption of the meeting at 5:00 pm. The Election Committee meanwhile stepped out of the meeting area to conduct the counting of ballots cast in the election.
    Presentation of Wikipedia Rewards
    Eric Calica gave a presentation on the Wikipedia Rewards program, an incentive program for Wikipedia editors and contributors in the Philippines, including motivations for the program and proposed mechanics.
    Presentation of the WMPH Wikimania 2014 scholarship recipient
    The Chairman announced that there were four applicants for the Wikimedia Philippines scholarship to Wikimania 2014, and that the scholarship was awarded to Marco San Andres.
    Presentation of Resolution No. 145
    The Treasurer gave a presentation on Resolution No. 145, which allowed for members of the Board of Trustees to remain as regular members. This is because of the organization recognizing that members of the Board have a mandate to run the organization, and that the resolution was passed to interpret the By-laws. While members have questioned the motivations behind the resolution, the Board, primarily led by the Treasurer but also with the input of the Vice Chair and the Secretary, explained the Board's side, in particular considering that two members of the Board who had been remiss in remitting their membership payments had done so prior to filing their candidacy.
    Announcement of election results
    Recognized by the Chair, the President announced the results of the Board of Trustees Election:
    Candidate Votes Remarks
    Ahn, Tony 8
    Alegre, Juan Bautista 22 Elected
    Barazon, Allan Paolo 19 Elected
    Delos Reyes, Jenna 18 Elected[1]
    Lim, Josh 24 Elected
    Ramirez, Emman 18 [1]
    San Andres, Marco 21 Elected
    Sonido, Juned 12
    In addition, the membership elected Vera Gesite to serve as Auditor of the organization.
    Candidate Votes Remarks
    Ballesteros, Joseph 13
    Gesite, Vera 16 Elected
    On motion of the Mr. Ballesteros, there being no objection, the Chair declared the 2014 Annual Meeting adjourned at 7:00 pm (PST).

    I hereby certify to the correctness of the foregoing.

    (Sgd.) James Joshua G. Lim
    Secretary of Wikimedia Philippines

    Approved on June 20, 2015 by the membership of Wikimedia Philippines.


    1. 1.0 1.1 Tie broken based on Section 15.3 of the Election Code. Delos Reyes is more preferred by 14 voters, Ramirez by 11 voters.