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Date and Time 
June 15, 2013, Saturday, 4:00 to 6:00 p.m.
7/F WSI Corporate Center, 1005 Metropolitan Ave., Makati City 1205
Map of venue


  1. Opening
  2. Validation of Quorum
  3. Reading and Approval of the Agenda
  4. Reading and Adoption of the Minutes of the 2012 Regular Meeting
  5. Annual Reports:
    1. President’s 2011 Annual Report
    2. Treasurer’s 2011 Financial Report
  6. Presentation and voting for the approval of:
    1. Amendments to the By-laws
  7. Elections for:
    1. Auditor (for the term 2013-2014)
      1. Nomination of candidates
      2. Voting proper
    2. Board of Trustees (for the term 2013­–2015 [4 members] and 2013–2014 [3 members])
      1. Presentation of candidates
      2. Voting proper
  8. Other and New Business
    1. Open Forum for the 5-Year Strategic Plan (2013-2018)
    2. Philippine Wikimedia Communities
  9. Closing



Not present


Call to order
At 5:31PM (PST), Wikimedia Philippines President Eugene Villar, called the meeting to order.
Validation of quorum
Upon direction of the chair, the Secretary Relly Bautista, proceeded to validate the presence of a quorum. With 52 members present, including validated proxies, the Secretary declared the presence of a quorum.
Message of the President
The President delivered a message to the membership body and apologized for the delay to convene the Annual Meeting as the Board of Trustees went on an Executive Session to tackle the expulsion case filed by Roel Balingit against Irvin Sto. Tomas. The President informed the Body, that the Board decided to suspend Sto. Tomas' membership privileges among others for a period of one (1) year, subject to conditions.
Manifestations on the Suspension of Irvin Sto. Tomas
Belinda Ballesteros opined that the action taken by the Board preventing Sto. Tomas from acting as proxy is a way of disenfranchising three other members to cast their vote during the annual meeting. Roel Balingit echoed the same concern, however recognized the authority of the Board to decide on such cases.
Nominations for Auditor
The President opened the nominations for Auditor.
Proclamation of elected Auditor
The Chair proclaimed Relly Bautista as the elected Auditor.
Suspension of Meeting
Meeting was suspended upon motion of the Secretary at 6:04PM to conduct the Election for the Board of Trustees.
Resumption of meeting
At 6:35PM session was resumed.
Amendments of 2012 Bylaws
Suspension of Meeting
Meeting was suspended upon motion of at 6:53PM to have the members cast their vote on the motion to approve the amendments to the 2012 Bylaws.
Resumption of meeting
At 6:51PM session was resumed.
Adoption of Amendments to the 2012 Bylaws
The Secretary announced that the proposed amendments to the Bylaws was duly adopted.
Approval of the 2012 Annual Meeting minutes
Recognized by the Chair, Roel Balingit moved to strike from the minutes the attendance of Asuncion Lago and Ernesto Sonido. There being no further objection the amended Minutes of the 2012 Annual Meeting was approved.
President's and Treasurer's Report dispensed with
Upon motion of the Vice President, there being no objection the Body dispensed with the President and Treasurer's Report to be posted on the organization's website.
Presentation and adoption of Strategic Plan (2013–2018) dispensed with
Upon motion of the Vice President, there being no objection the Body dispensed with the presentation of the Strategic Plan (2013–2018) to be posted on the organization's website.
Announcement of Board of Trustees election results
Recognized by the Chair, Election Committee member Emmanuel Ramirez announced the results of the Board of Trustees Election:
Candidate Votes Remarks
Ahn, Tony 10
Alegre, Johnny 14
Antes, John Paul 28 Elected
Balingit, Roel 24 Elected
Barazon, Paolo 22 Elected
Bustria, Butch 16
Delos Reyes, Jenna 20 Elected
Lim, Josh 24 Elected
Padilla, Vanj 29 Elected
Villar, Eugene 24 Elected
On motion of the Vice President, there being no objection, the Chair declared the 2013 Annual Meeting adjourned at 7:09PM (PST).

I hereby certify to the correctness of the foregoing.

(Sgd.) Relly P. Bautista
Secretary of Wikimedia Philippines

Approved on June 15, 2014 by the membership of Wikimedia Philippines.