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Activity Report:Strategic Planning 2013

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Strategic Planning 2013

Activity details

November 23–24, 2013
Bakasyunan Resort and Conference Center, Tanay, Rizal
  • JP Antes
  • Roel Balingit
  • Eric Calica
  • Jenna Delos Reyes
  • Josh Lim
  • Vanj Padilla
  • Emman Ramirez
  • Eugene Villar


Goal Setting and Impacts

The team discussed the goals of the Wikimedia Foundation (WMF) and Wikimedia Philippines (WMPH), the corresponding projects or activities to reach these goals, and potential impacts. Accordingly, the team identified the following as WMPH goals vis-a-viz proposed projects or activities and their potential impacts:

1. Increase local language readership

Globally speaking, Wikipedia has approximately 102 million page views per month. The Chapter aims to help increase local language readership target by providing additional views from hundred thousands to million views year by year. The Chapter's goal is to help Wikipedia reached 200 million page views by 31 December 2018.

  • Projects/Activities: Wikipedia on the Go (will be posted inside the LRTA), Open Web Day
  • Impacts: Local language readership increased, Hundred thousands to million views are added to Wikipedia readership
2. Increase local language contributions

The Chapter adheres to the principle that language should not be a barrier to have access on free information. Translation of existing articles from the English language to Tagalog and other local languages is an effective tool to propagate knowledge in the country. Hence, the chapter supports the creation and/or translation of articles using our local languages.

  • Projects/Activities: Rewards System, Open Web Day, Edit-athon, Reachout Meetings/Gatherings with the Local Communities
  • Impacts: Local language contributions increased by at least 50 percent in the first year and 75 to 100 percent in every succeeding year.
3. Increase quality photos of national heritage

WMPH Chapter will provide mechanisms of support to the editors and uploaders that would encourage them to pursue opportunities to access free knowledge in their geographies and upload more pictures of national heritage with high quality of images.

  • Projects/Activities: Wiki Loves Monuments, on-line cultural mapping
  • Impacts: More quality images of national heritage are uploaded to Wikimedia Commons
4. Increase partnerships

As the old proverb says, "No Man is an Island" so as "No Chapter is an Island". The Chapter recognizes the important role of partnerships in all phases of project management - formulation, brainstorming, implementation, monitoring, and review of any project. Therefore, WMPH aims to strengthen its existing partnerships with our traditional networks: WMF, other Wikimedia communities abroad, National Commission for Culture and Arts (NCCA), Komisyon sa Wikang Filipino (KWF), DILA, some Philippine universities, etc. The Chapter also aims to forge potential partnerships to non-traditional networks: national government (NG), local government units (LGUs), non-government organizations/non-profit organizations (NGOs/NPOs), and other groups in voluntary sector. The chapter will also assist local communities in developing content partnerships with cultural institutions in their geographic area.

  • Projects/Activities: On-line cultural mapping, WLM Exhibit at NCCA, Wikipedia on the Go (LRTA)
  • Impacts: Existing partnerships are strengthened, new partnerships and unexplored networks are created
5. Address financial aspect

The need to come up with continuous projects relevant to the goals of the organization was emphasized for the chapter to remain fully-compliant with relevant regulations, especially with the National Internal Revenue Code that requires the 30 percent ceiling on administrative expenses. This is a requirement the chapter has to comply with, as non-profit organizations are required to be compliant with that provision for at least two years before they submit themselves for accreditation with the Philippine Council for NGO Certification (PCNC). The project plan for the succeeding year was rolled-out and some were included in the draft Annual Program Plan for 2014. The enumerated projects would already need leads to implement them.

  • Projects/Activities: As listed in the Annual Program Plan 2014
  • Impacts: Regulatory compliance
6. Standardize processes

At least 13 processes have been identified by the Members of the Board to be standardized. In addition, it was also recognized that the Chapter's documentation was deficient (a good number of things to be documented have not yet been formally documented). Therefore, to hasten documentations and to create accountability, it was decided to delegate a number of these items to other Board members for completion. These processes, which need to be standardized and codified as most procedures are merely practices being observed, are the following:

  1. Membership procedures — assigned to Vanj
  2. Project management — assigned to Emman
  3. Offline voting procedures — assigned to Eugene
  4. Elections — assigned to Eugene and Roel (Note: Election Code passed during the Planning session)
  5. Conflict resolutions/grievances — assigned to Vanj
  6. Asset management — assigned to Roel
    1. Disposal
    2. Procurement
    3. Transfer
    4. Accountability
  7. Expense policy/fund disbursement — assigned to Roel
  8. Documentation and compliance — assigned to JP and Eric
  9. Minutes of meetings — assigned to Josh
  10. Scholarships — assigned to Emman
  11. Virtual (non-physical) meetings — assigned to Eugene
  12. Code of conduct — assigned to Josh and Jenna
  13. Partnerships (institutional) — assigned to JP and Eric
  • Projects/Activities: Standardization and Codification of Processes
  • Impacts: At least 13 WMPH Processes are standardized and codified
7. Professionalize the Organization & Upgrade the Knowledge of the Chapter and members

The Chapter aims to encourage and engage more professionals and women to be part of pool of editors or volunteer members of WMPH. Also, the introduction of modern and sophisticated technologies such as mobile phones, smartphones, e-readers, and netbooks rise to the need of the Chapter and its members to be acquainted to accessibility, usability and participation on these technologies and other platforms. To adhere to these changes, the Chapter would provide more capacity-building trainings that will continually improve the knowledge and skills of the members and volunteers.

  • Projects/Activities: Recruitment of more professionals, Capability-building Trainings, Review and Streamline Committees, launch CVCRM
  • Impacts: More professionals will become members of the Chapter, Knowledge and Skills of the members and volunteers are upgraded, more women editors and members of the Chapter
8. Empower communities

The Chapter will act as a catalyst to engage and encourage local communities to formulate their own ideas and implement projects in their own communities. The Chapter will also facilitate in organizing and supporting local community meetings, gatherings, and in conducting outreach programs to bring innovations and diverse groups to Wikimedia’s projects.

  • Projects/Activities: Community-related projects, Outreach programs, Open Web Day, Community-initiated projects, women-centered projects
  • Impacts: Empowered and motivated local communities, increase in women editors, WMPH projects and activities are decentralized and localized

Dynamics of Current Wikimedia Philippines

The team discussed the current board composition and their duties, existing permanent & ad hoc committees, board resolutions enacted, financial status, annual accomplishment report, etc.

Assessment of Wikimedia Philippines through SWOT Analysis


  1. Strong idea of volunteerism
  2. Committed members of the Board
  3. Project brand awareness specifically Wikipedia
  4. National presence - engagement with the media, press kit, campus journalism, etc.
  5. Diverse background
  6. Full support from Wikimedia Foundation
  7. Strong presence in social media


  1. Lack of awareness from general public about the organization (Wikimedia Philippines)
  2. Non-engagement of registered members
  3. Lack of consistency and follow-up of online projects, established projects, and collaboration with partners
  4. Lack of common ground in decision making - Board’s lack of focus in getting things done
  5. Centralism
  6. Lack of strong institutional networks - the need to strengthen existing partnerships and tap unexplored networks
  7. Good documentation and reporting
  8. Procrastination
  9. Lack of Accountability among the Board of Members


  1. Many are interested to be a member of WMPH
  2. Increased engagement with non-traditional partnership (includes other free culture advocacy organizations)
  3. New sources of funding – direct donations, contests, exhibitions, and other charity events
  4. Greater international exposure – forums, conferences, seminars and workshops
  5. Generate awareness for other Wikimedia projects (non-Wikipedia - like Mediawiki, Wiktionary, Wikibooks, etc.)


  1. Competition from established organizations: a) local – organizations that use wiki technology or projects similar to WMPH and b)international – other chapters and organized groups affiliated with the Wikimedia Foundation
  2. Collaboration between traditional editors and non-editing WMPH members
  3. Maturity of the target audience – includes awareness on free culture, creative commons, and acceptance of Wikipedia as useful tool for information.

Projects for 2014

The Board discussed and approved in principle a number of projects to be conducted in 2014:

  • The Wikipedia Rewards program, suggested by JP Antes, was adopted as a core project of the chapter in 2014, subject to budgetary approval by the Wikimedia Foundation. The intention of the program is the gamification of editing on Wikipedia by providing a system of incentives for editors (e.g. for 100 edits, a featured article, etc., similar to real-life barnstars) to motivate them to continue editing and as a means of recognizing good work.
  • The Board agreed that the Philippine Wikimedia Conference should be held separately from the Annual General Meeting. This way, chapter matters would not interfere with community-building efforts, and vice-versa. However, given the results of the 2013 WikiCon/AGM, a decision as to whether there will be a WikiCon in 2014 was deferred.
  • The Board likewise agreed that Philippine Wikimedia Communities should receive adequate support for their projects, and that the national organization will extend assistance to the Communities in formulating projects for the next year. This will be done through targeted engagement with local Wikipedians in order to ascertain their needs. In addition, Wikimedia communities without formal PWCs (e.g. Tagalog, Cebuano, Hiligaynon, etc.) shall be entitled to the same amount of support, and the Board intends to jumpstart community-building efforts in those areas.
  • The Board decided to defer on deciding whether the chapter will participate in the 2014 edition of Wiki Loves Monuments, leaving it to the judgement of the GLAM team to determine whether the project should be implemented. However, an exhibit of winning local WLM works was approved. The Board also deferred on deciding whether the chapter will, at some point in the future, participate in Wiki Loves Earth.

Presentation of draft 2014 Budget

Treasurer Roel Balingit presented before the Board and answered inquiries about the draft budget for 2014 which is found on Meta-Wiki. The budget which already includes some projects for 2014 will be submitted to the Grants Advisory Committee of the Wikimedia Foundation by the end of the month once the Board formally endorses the proposal.

Adoption of resolutions

A number of resolutions were adopted by the Board during the second day of the Strategic Planning meeting: